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Alphabetical guide to topics on UM research administration and news websites with the occasional reference to related sites

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A-133 audit reports


Academic Integrity

Accounts (AKA Project/Grants)

Acronyms, abbreviations, and definitions [glossary]


ORSP (formerly DRDA)

UMOR (formerly OVPR)

Tech Transfer

Administrative Contacts aka "Blue pages" Administrative Shell: See the guidance in the ORSP standard operating procedure on Proposal Review by ORSP

Agreement negotiations


foundations, non-profits


Alerts, email (ORSP-Announce and others)

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act [ARRA]


Animal Care and Purchase -- ULAM Indirect Costs

Animal Medicine, Unit for Laboratory (ULAM)

Animal Use Committee

Animal Welfare Assurance

Annual Reports on Research Activity


establishing new positions

Graduate Student Research Assistantships (GSRA)

Foreign Nationals [to International Center page]

staff benefits

temporary or regular

Research Faculty

Associate Deans, Research (RADs) [OVPR website]


Awards (grants and contracts) to UM faculty

see the UM Proposal & Award Data

Processing -- grants and contracts

Project Award Notice --PAN  

Awards, Recognition

Distinguished University Innovator Award

Research Faculty Awards

UMOR Staff Awards Program

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Behavioral Sciences Institutional Review Board(Human subjects approvals)


Calculating and Estimating Staff Benefits

staff benefits cost table

Biological Research Review Committee (BRRC)

Provides Approval for Use of recombinant DNA

Biomedical Research Council (BMRC) [ Med School site]

Biophysics Research Opportunities Biosafety (LSA): Minors in labs (OSEH)

"Blue pages" aka for Unit Administrative Contacts



planning and preparation

Budget Form 7471

NIH Modular Grant Budgets

Participant Support Costs :: NSF

Business Engagement Center

Business plans, federally required small subcontracting [Procurement website]

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Center for Human Growth and Development (CHGD)

Center for Statistical Consultation and Research (CSCAR)

Certificate of Confidentiality, process to obtain one (UM HRPP site)

Certifications and Representations Characteristics of a Sponsored

Class Codes/Project Class Codes and Definitions Formerly known as Subclasses

Class and Proposal Types Chart

Classified Research

restrictions of research

security clearances, inspections

technical data export and access controls

Clerical salaries for existing awards

Clinical Trials

Contracting information from the medical school

Cost / Indirect Cost

eResearch for IRB approval

Research related injury :: position statement and template language [pdf]

UMHS Calendar Review & Analysis Office (CRAO) website, database of trials (formerly, Engage)

Closing, procedures for project


establishing subaccounts

Commerce Business Daily(via Community of Science)

Community of Science

Commercial/Routine Testing

Competitions for Limited Submissions

Confidentiality, Certificate of -- process to obtain one (UM HRPP site )

Conflict of Interest

Controlled substance use in animal research

License fees

UCUCA Controlled Substance page

Contract Administration, Office of (OCA)

(OCA is part of the Finance - Sponsored Programs Office)



Copyright Information Cost Accounting Standards

Cost Sharing

assistance from UMOR

documenting commitments

Critical items

requirements that can delay establishment of a Project/Grant

CSCAR (Center for Statistical Consultation and Research)

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Data Security

Datasets, Pre-approval for publicly available & repositories

Data Sharing Resources

DEA License Fees - Grant Allowabillity

Deadline for submission to ORSP

Internet submissions


Department Administrators

Direct Costs

and A-21

other than salaries


Full Cost Recovery


Conflict of Interest on the PAF

Conflict of Interest Procedures and Disclosure Form

Invention Disclosure

Discretionary Funds, now the UMOR Faculty Grants and Awards Program



Distinguished University Innovator Award Environmental Questionnaire (OSEH Facility Safety Plan and Certificate of Environmental Compliance) - This is needed for DOD, DOE, EPA proposals. Please note the 5-day lead time required

Division of Research, Development and Administration (DRDA), Now Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP)

DRDA-net Now named ORSP-Announce and other email alert groups

DUNS number

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Earmarks, UMOR policy on

Electronic submission of proposals [deadlines, procedures]

See also: information for UM

Email alert groups (ORSP-announce and others)

Embryonic Stem Cell Research



ePAF (ePAF is now part of eResearch Proposal Management) Environmental Questionnaire for DOD, DOE, EPA proposals (OSEH site -- see bottom of page) Note: 5-day lead time required


fabrication, indirect cost implications

transfers and termination

eResearch website for applying for approvals

eSNAP is now the Research Performance Progress Report. See: information for UM [NIH non-competing renewals


E-Verify business process to alert sponsored projects affected

UM Human Resources E-Verify information

Expertise and interests, faculty :: Community of Science (non-scientists, as well)

Export controls &

Quick Guide to federal policy [/foreign nationals]

Detailed Guide and Definitions

COGR Export Controls Info [pdf]

UM Procedures for

Export/import contract information from Procurement

Extended sick time pay

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Facilities and Administrative Costs aka Indirect Costs

Faculty Grants and Awards Program



Faculty Handbook [Provost's office]

FastLane [takes you to NSF site]

Federal Agency Links

Federal Demonstration Partnership

Post Award Change Approval Request Form

Federal Acquisition Request (FAR)

Federal Small Business Plans, required subcontracting

Financial Operations/"FinOps" (now Sponsored Programs) [Procurement website]

Financial reports online

Flint Research Office Forms

Foreign nationals

Foreign nationals -- access

Visa expenses

Foundations, research relations with

Foundations Online searching [UM Library]

Freedom of Information Act and Confidential Research Information and Investment Act

Frequently required proposal data

Fringe benefits, staff (includes faculty)

Full Cost Recovery

Space/Facilities Rates


Alerts, email (orsp-announce and others)

Internal Competitions for Limited Submissions to Sponsors

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Gift or Grant? Sponsored project characteristics


Graduate Students Research Assistants

Graduate Student Research Assistantships (GSRA)

Visa expenses [immigration not credit card]

Graduate students training grants tuition shortfalls

Grants Database, searchable [eRPM data set, Sponsored Awards on Web] information from UM federal website [leaving UM research]

Training Workshops and eResearch Proposal Management

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Hardship Authorization Request Health Sciences & Behavioral Sciences Institutional Review Board Human Research Compliance Review, Office of (OHRCR)

Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Research



Human Research Protection Program

Human Subjects

Human Subjects Use Approvals UM human subjects/clinical trials database

eResearch website for applying for approvals

Human Research Protection Program

HRPP Operations Manual

Education and certification (PEERRS)

Human Subject Incentives Program (HSIP)

(paying research subjects)

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IBC Institutional Biosafety Committee Immigration Service visa expenses

Indirect Costs aka Facilities and Administrative Costs

Federal Sponsor Rates

Non-federal Sponsor Rates

Industry Rates

Industry, Working with Overview

Integrity, Academic Internships, Policy and Guidelines for student internships and practicum

Institute for Research on Women and Gender (IRWG)

Institute for Social Research (ISR)

Institutional Biosafety Committee

Institutional Review Boards (IRBs)

Intellectual Property

Intergovernmental Personnel Agreements [IPA]

IPA -- See "Intergovernmental Personnel Agreements" above

ITAR, Export controls

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Jury duty

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Letters of Inquiry

License fees for drug use allowability on sponsored projects

Limited Submissions to Sponsors, Internal Competitions for List serves from ORSP (e-mail alert groups)

Lobbying restrictions

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Real time financial reports on sponsored projects

Master Agreements Related to Research

pdf [part of Standard Operating Procedures]

Material Transfer Agreements

M-CORES all lab listing

Medical School Institutional Review Board [Human subjects approvals] Medical leave, Extended sick time pay Michigan Energy Institute (MEI) Middle English Dictionary (MED) Minors in labs (OSEH) Mileage Reimbursement UM Standard Practice Guide Section 501.04 Appendix A PDF Misconduct Mobile Device Security Modular Grant Budget Considerations, NIH
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  • News from ORSP :: sign up for orsp-announce and other email alert groups News about research at UM [UMOR site]
  • News from UM News Service [News Service site]
  • NIH & eRA Commons Info at UM
  • NIH Commons [takes you to NIH Commons]


    SNAP & RPPR information (NIH reports)


    NIH Modular Grant Budget Considerations

    NIH public access policy

    No-cost extensions

    Project Award Change form

    Nondisclosure and confidentiality

    Non-Federal Sponsors Guidelines Reference List [takes you to Sponsored Programs webpage]

    NSF Fast Lane [takes you to NSF site] NSF Participant Support Costs NSF requirement for student Responsible Conduct of Research training

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    OMB Circular A-21

    direct charging for admin support and other categories

    Restricted Expenses Under A-21 Excluded Expenditures: policy, procedures
          [This page is maintained by the Office of Finance's Sponsored Programs Office (SPO)]

    Openness in research, nonrestriction policy

    Organization Codes [now called department IDs]

    "Blue Pages" Database with Department IDs

    Changing Organization Codes

    Office of Human Research Compliance Review (OHRCR)

    OSEH info about Environmental Questionnaire

    ORSP support

    extended sick time pay

    Office of Research (UMOR)

    Other sponsored activity

    Class codes

    Indirect cost rates

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    | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

    PAF (Proposal Approval Form)

    Use eResearch Proposal Management to prepare your PAF.

    what the PAF is about

    PAF-R PAN or Project Award Notice

    Paying research subjects: Human Subject Incentives Program (HSIP) Participant Support Costs :: NSF

    PAC or Post Award Change

    PEERRS (Program for Education and Evaluation in Responsible Research and Scholarship)

    certification look ups (Requires UM Uniqname and Kerberos password)

    PHS Financial Conflict of Interest Policy

    Project/Grant (formerly, account)

    Proposal Types /Classcodes

    Proposal Writer's Guide

    Publications about U-M Research

    Publication, policy on restriction of

    Purchasing, now Procurement Services

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    Radiation Safety Services [UM-OSEH website]


    Faculty grants

    Partnership program

    Tuition/ insurance shortfall in Training Grants for Rackham

    RAIN — Research Administrators Instructional Network

    Recharge rates

    rates for specialized services

    in budget planning

    How to establish recharge rates [Office of Financial Analysis

    Recombinant DNA Use

    Research Associate Deans (RADs)

    Research Expenditures/Activity Indicators - See Annual Reports

    Research Faculty Awards

    Research Faculty Policies and Procedures

    Research Partnership Program

    Research Performance Progress Report information for UM [NIH non-competing renewals]

    Research Policies Committee (RPC)

    Research, undergraduate information

    Responsible Conduct of Research

    Policy Statement

    NSF requirement for students

    Restriction on openness in research

    Routine testing


    Regents policy statement on research grants, contracts, agreements

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    Salary Rates

    Faculty rates and A-21 compliance

    Administrative and Clerical justifications

    Sponsored Research Sick/Vacation/Holiday pool rates

    Sponsored Awards on the Web

    Scientific Misconduct



    Mobile Devices

    Select Agents

    Select Agents -- OSEH website

    Service Policy Deadlines "Showstoppers" -- Critical items that can delay establishment of a Project/Grant Shell, Administrative Shipping hazardous materials :: FAA regs awareness (research materials, dry ice, etc.)

    UM OSEH site: information pdf

    UM OSEH site: "shipping with dry ice" training pdf

    Sick time pay leave

    Signatures, proposal processing

    SPA Team:: Sponsored Programs Advisory Team

    Small Business Plans, federally required subcontracting [Procurement website]

    Space/Facilities Rates SPIN :: Sponsored Program Information Network [funding opportunities]

    Sponsored project characteristics Sponsor Web Links

    Staff Recognition Awards Program [UMOR]

    Standard Operating Procedures

    Staff Benefits

    Standard Practice Guide UM State of Michigan research relations

    Stem Cell Research



    Streamlined Non-competing Award Process (SNAP)

    information for UM [NIH non-competing renewals, using the Research Performance Progress Report]


    see also: graduate students

    Internships and practicum policy and guidelines

    Research information, especially for undergraduates


    PAF supplement form


    budget planning

    subjects in research

    studies for participants

    fees for subjecs pdf from standard practice guide

    Substance Abuse Research Center, UM (UMSARC)

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    | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

    Tax Exempt Number, U-M

    Technology Transfer

    Technology Transfer Policy


    Training grant tuition/ insurance shortfall for Rackham

    Training Opportunities

    Transportation Research Institute, UM (UMTRI)


    No travel funding from UMOR or ORSP

    Travel office, University (Procurement)

    Travel Mileage Reimbursement (UM Standard Practice Guide Section 501.04-1 Appendix A PDF)


    Tuition Waivers (GSRAs)

    Types, Proposal Now known as Class codes

    Class and Proposal Types Chart

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    UCUCA (University Committee for Use and Care of Animals

    ULAM Indirect Costs (animal care and purchase) website, database of trials (formerly, Engage)

    UM Substance Abuse Research Center (UMSARC)

    UM Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI)

    Undergraduate research

    Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

    Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM)

    ULAM Indirect Costs (animal care and purchase)

    Unit Heads and Administrative Contacts aka "Blue Pages" Units that Report to UMOR

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    Vice President for Research

    Visa expenses [immigration, not credit card]

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    | X | Y | Z

    Wolverine Tower Expedited Mail [mail service web page]

    xTrain (NIH Commons)

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