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ORSP Staff Sponsor Assignments

ORSP project representatives are organized in teams that provide assistance for sponsors in their areas. Assignments are listed for major sponsors. Use the team name to find assignments for the type of sponsor you have.

Federal Team

Federal agencies such as NIH, NSF, Defense, NASA, etc.

Federal Team Members | ♦ Federal Sponsor Assignments | ♦ NIH/HHS Primary Contacts

Industry Team

Corporate sponsors, foreign governments and agencies, and any clinical trials (whether corporate, federal or non-profit)

Industry Team Members & Sponsor Assignments

Non-Profit Team

Non-profits, foundations, public charities, trade associations, as well as state and local governments

Non-Profit Team Members Sponsor Assignments

** Please note that sponsor assignments are generally assigned to these categories, but may be modified in an effort to optimize processing of grants and proposals. When contacting your Project Representative, please include relevant PAF or Project/grant numbers.

Shared Specialists

The Shared Specialists provide Export Compliance and Research Data support across ORSP.


For other sponsors, call ORSP INFORMATION, 764-5500 or email:

Last reviewed: June 18, 2014