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Using at UM


Table of Contents has two functions:

  1. Present all federal grant opportunities and
  2. Provide a mechanism to apply for these grants. provides a way for grant seekers to find the grant application packages and fill out the forms needed for a specific opportunity. It is also the way DRDA to transmits that application package, as the authorized official for all University of Michigan submissions, to a sponsoring agency.

The Steps

Faculty and staff do not register to use the system or apply for grants. ORSP staff are registered and must do the submission.

Note: Application materials are used only on one's own computer until the application is sent to ORSP for submission. If more than one person is to work on an application, the file must be moved to the other's computer or shared on a server.

To begin the process of using, start at the main page of the site: website homepage

In the red navigation menu on the left of that page, your choices include: "Find Grant Opportunities" and "Apply for Grants." Note: these are only grants, not contracts. menu choices

Another link says "Get Registered." You do NOT register with the No one needs to be an AOR, nor get an MPIN.

You will need to use the University of Michigan DUNS number. Any University of Michigan submission must have the UM DUNS number, 073133571 , or the application will be rejected by the system.


You can use this section of for two purposes:

All grants available from the federal government are supposed to be listed here. There are good searching tools. Click on "Find Grant Opportunities." This will show you the various searching options.

Also, you can subscribe to receive notification of new opportunities as they arise. This is only to receive grant notices, not to apply for grants.



Before you can work with the applications packages from, you must have the appropriate software for completing the application packet forms. ****Check with your Department IT staff for any special instructions or permissions for installing software on your machine.***

Prior to opening a grant application, you need to install the necessary software on your computer. (You may need your IT administrator to assist with the download if you computer requires permission to install software. )

Go to the Download Software page to select the version you need to complete applications.

Locate the right application package.

Locate the specific program or grant opportunity you wish to apply for. If it has an electronic application, (not all do yet) find the link on that page that will take you to the appropriate site to download the application

Download the application packet.

The file will be brought to your computer. Using the appropriate software, you can begin to fill it out. Or just save it to your computer for later use. You do not need administrator authority to download the application package and instructions. See this Step-by-step guide to locating & downloading packages if you need help.

Complete the application.

Using the appropriate software, open and fill in applications forms. Attach other documents as necessary. [There is a training aid on the website to help with this. See the link under Help] Click on "Check for Errors." If no errors are found, upload the file to DRDA.

Note: Adobe forms are now uploaded in eResearch Proposal Management system.

Contact ORSP

Talk to your ORSP Project rep. [See Sponsor Assignments if you are uncertain who covers your sponsor.]

Be sure to discuss your application and timing with your Project Rep. There may be problems with file transfers or with other issues, so connect with your PR as early in the process as possible.

More help

The pages offer help. A training demo on completing an application is available on the Apply for Grants page.

Other useful information is available on the UM Information page.