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Finding Funding


Projects may be developed in response to programs from particular sponsors or by faculty with project ideas in search of sponsored funding for that work. The process of Finding Funding is therefore incumbent upon the research investigator and research administration team. This page provides examples of places where one might find sources of financial support. These examples include tools such as databases and campus resources. We also provide links to federal agencies that fund sponsored activities, as well as University of Michigan internal support sources.

External: Funds from Outside Sponsors

Funding Opportunity Databases

Searchable third party databases (like SPIN and Pivot/COS) mine funding opportunities. Many of these excellent resources are subscription-based and thus only accessible by U-M staff, faculty and students.

External Sponsor Websites

View the websites of external sponsors including various foundations, NIH, NSF, DOE, Michigan agencies and others.

External Sponsor Email Alerts

Get notified of sources of support from Foundations, NIH, NSF, DOE, Michigan agencies and others through regular emails.

Internal: Funds from U-M sources

Note: ORSP no longer provides tuition refunds for sponsored projects. That is now the responsibility of the employee's unit.

Other U-M Campus Resources that Help with Finding Funding

Research Guides U-Mich Library

This web resource provided by the U-M Library is an excellent place to start to find support in learning how to search for select opportunities by working with a subject librarian to access the rich and complex databases and library resources we have to support researchers.

Foundation Relations

The University of Michigan Foundations Relations Office is available to help UM faculty and staff search for foundation funding.

E-mail alerts from ORSP

ORSP-Announce and others from ORSP with news concerning: research administration,, NIH, NSF & and more....

Limited Submissions Competitions

Limited Submissions are funding opportunities in which the sponsors limit the number of submissions allowed from an institution.

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