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Research Maintenance for Sponsored Projects

PURPOSE: Research maintenance awards are made to help sustain essential activities of a research project experiencing a temporary hiatus in external funding. These awards are made for a very short duration (usually less than 6 months) when resumption of external funding is reasonably assured. While emphasis is given to support of key project staff, limited funds are available for other essential costs. Awards supplement support provided by the applicant's unit. The expectation is that funding is for a particular period of time for which transitional resources are essential. Thus, the end date will not be extended and funds not expended in this period for authorized expenses will be recovered by OVPR. OVPR funds are not intended to cover budget reductions in awards from external sponsors.

ELIGIBILITY: All faculty with continuing instructional or research appointments for whom research is an expected activity may apply.

BUDGET: Submit a budget for the TOTAL operating cost of the project during the requested maintenance period. Neither academic nor summer salary for the project director is allowable. A minimum dollar-for-dollar match is required from the applicant's home unit for the amount requested from OVPR. This is to be included in the budget breakdown, indicating whether confirmed or pending, before submitting the application to OVPR.

EVALUATION CRITERIA: Criteria in the evaluation for research maintenance support will include:

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Applicants for research maintenance should submit five (5) copies of the OVPR Faculty Grants and Awards Program application form. The requested brief proposal narrative (no more than ten pages) must include:

  1. a discussion of the circumstances which have led to the need for interim support;
  2. a description of any previous OVPR interim support (amount, dates); and
  3. a description of the activities the applicant intends to undertake during the period for which interim support is requested; and
  4. if available, summary reviews or feedback from external funding source.
  5. a list of pending internal/external proposals submitted by the applicant (present title of project, sponsor, DRDA number, amount, duration, anticipated decision date).
  6. indicate if Medical School applicant has also applied for BMRC Bridging Support for SAME project, including date.

AMOUNTS: Awards are expected to range from $5,000 to a maximum of $15,000. Funds available are limited and projects will be selected through a competitive review process.

DEADLINES: the 15th of September and 15th of January. Notification of funding decisions is made within 8 weeks of the receipt of the application in OVPR. Note: all signatures are required before processing begins. Consultation with OVPR is advised.


Send completed application to:

Faculty Grants and Awards Program
University of Michigan Office of Research (UMOR, formerly OVPR)
4080 Fleming Administration Building 1340

More information on peer reviews, application hints, and award terms.

Contact: Office of Research (763-2080)