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Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN)

SPIN is targeted primarily to institutions of higher education and currently contains information from more than 2,500 different sponsoring agencies, which comprise more than 11,000 separate opportunities. To ensure integrity, all SPIN information is obtained directly from the sponsoring agencies. Funding opportunities are updated on SPIN as the sponsoring agency releases revised information, typically annually.

Search the SPIN database

See: Special tips for searching for fellowships and graduate student and postdoctoral support.

Quick SPIN Searching Tips

(Please read the SPIN HELP page for a thorough guide on how to best conduct a SPIN search.)

  1. Keep your search simple. Unless you have a special need that suggests using one of the other fields, use just the following five fields: Keywords, Applicant Types, Award Types, Geographic Restrictions, and Location Tenable. If you get too big a pool of results, you can add another field(s) to further narrow the search.
  2. In the Applicant Type list, choose all that apply to your project. Include those that describe the individual (e.g. Faculty, Researcher/Investigator, Individual Non-Specific, etc.) and also those that describe the institution (College, 4-year, Institution/Non-Specific, PublicInstitution, etc.).
  3. In the Award Type list, choose all that apply to your project (e.g. Curriculum Development, Research Grants/R & D, General Project, Requests For Applications (NIH), etc. Since those opportunities covered under "Requests For Proposals (FBO)" will not be covered simultaneously under any other category, you should probably choose this category in addition to any others you choose.
  4. In the Geographic Restrictions list, choose "No Restrictions", "Michigan." "US Midwest," and "U.S.Central", if the applicant is in Michigan.
  5. It really helps to get a broad view of the entire SPIN keyword list and to become familiar with its various topic areas. To print a copy of the entire SPIN keyword list, click on "Search the SPIN database" on this page. Then click on "Keyword Thesaurus" (this may be in the "Help" section of the page). Choose "Keyword Thesaurus by Code".

Funding Opportunity Alert Service

InfoEd, the company that maintains the SPIN database, also offers an alert service called SMARTS. SMARTS will send you e-mail messages whenever there is a match between your choice of keywords and the funding programs in the SPIN funding opportunities database. Anyone with a "" e-mail address can use SMARTS. To sign up for SMARTS, you must create or update a profile. Go to the SMARTS profile page.

Note: When the profile system asks you to enter department name, choose "Division of Research Development and Administration." The ORSP Smarts Administrator will be asked automatically by the SMARTS system to validate your profile, and she will enter your department name.