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  • Early Termination

    Early Termination / Close Out – In certain instances, a project may be terminated prior to the original expiration date. Possible reasons for early termination include: the PI has expended all of the awarded funding in compliance with the award terms and conditions, and has submitted all project deliverables; the PI is leaving U-M and the project will not be transferred or assigned a new PI; and the sponsor has requested an early termination. Award agreements typically include a clause for how an early termination situation will be handled, so individual awards should be reviewed for specific guidance. Generally, sponsor-initiated notices will be sent to ORSP, in which case ORSP will inform the PI and Sponsored Programs Office. This form should be used when the PI either wants to initiate an early termination or receives an early termination request from the sponsor. In the latter case, the sponsor's notice should be provided to ORSP. 
    Important: In the event of early termination, all required reports (e.g., financial, technical, property and patent), must still be provided to the sponsor. Departments should also be mindful of whether an early termination may negatively impact the sponsor's willingness or contractual requirement to make final payment on outstanding invoices.


    Education Department General Administration

  • Effort Certification

    Employees appointed directly to a sponsored project sign an annual certification that the distribution of effort on their appointment form is correct.

  • eRA Commons

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    Electronic Research Administration. NIH's online interface with applicants/grantees which supports the ability of institutions and PIs to access and share administrative information throughout the full life cycle of the grant, from submission through closeout.

    Reports handled in eRA

    • Internet Assisted Review (IAR): The ability for a PI as a reviewer to submit critiques and preliminary scores for applications being reviewed.
    • Financial Status Reports (FSR): The ability for financial report filing via the Commons by the University's Sponsored Programs Office. Financial reports are submitted automatically by Sponsored Programs.
    • Closeout reports: The ability to submit final closeout reports electronically for grants that have ended. NIH closeout reports and questions should be addressed to
  • eResearch (eRPM, eRRM, eRAM)

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    U-M's web-based system for managing research-related activities. See:

    • eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM)
      • ​Electronic routing, approval, and submission for proposals to external sponsors, including
      • Project management (project award notices and project change notices)
    • eResearch Regulatory Management (eRRM)
      • Review and approval process for Human Subjects Research Applications and IBC Recombinant DNA Registrations
    • eResearch Animal Management (eRAM)
      • ​Review and approval process for use of animals in research and education
    • eResearch Tips and Tricks A comprehensive listing of job aids and resources from eResearch for the eResearch Proposal Management System (eRPM).
  • Export Control Compliance Manual

  • Export Control Manual

  • Export Controls