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Classified Research

  • image of a classified file folderIn the interest of national security, federally funded research can be classified in terms of access to data, information, and facilities.

    The Regents' Policy on Openness in Research concerning research grants, contracts, and agreements, approved by the Board of Regents on April 17, 1987, states:

    • The mission of the University is to generate and disseminate knowledge in the public interest. Essential to this mission are two fundamental principles: open scholarly exchange and academic freedom.

    This policy does allow the University to accept, with the approval of the Vice President for Research, a classified contract if it can be accommodated without compromising the University's pursuit of its educational mission and if its purpose is clearly in the public interest.

    However, currently, the University does not hold a facility security clearance necessary to allow it to accept a classified contract.

    See also: PAF-R, Openness in Research

    Contact UMOR Director of Special Projects. Curt Smitka ( for further information.

    (Updated 9/14/2017)