Government Shutdown - Impact on Research and Awards Process

October 23, 2013:

NIH Updates

NIH has issued a revised guide notice (see NOT-OD-14-007) with more detailed information on how NIH is resuming operations after the government shutdown. The significant change here is that NIH plans to reschedule the missed peer review meetings earlier than originally planned (see NOT-OD-14-003) so that most of the applications will go the January Council meetings as they normally would have. NIH will notify the PIs and ORSP of the the few applications will end up going to the May Council meetings. Notifications will be sent during the week of November 4th. If/when we receive a notification, the PI will decide whether to submit a "refreshed" application.

A  summary on the NIH website of shutdown-related guidance  and related frequently asked questions are also now available. See also: Change in Plans– Revised Schedule for Cancelled Review Meetings . In short, "most review meetings originally scheduled during October will be quickly re-scheduled to enable applications to be considered at January council."

October 22, 2013:

NSF Updates

"Revised due dates for NSF funding opportunities that fall between October 1-25 have been posted on the Resumption of Operations webpage on the NSF website at:

These revised dates apply whether the proposal is being submitted via the NSF FastLane System or Due to compressed proposal deadlines resulting from the shutdown, proposers are advised that they may experience a delay when contacting IT Help Central with technical support questions.

Frequently asked questions regarding these date changes also are available on the Resumption of Operations page. We strongly request that this information be disseminated widely to your membership. Questions regarding the specific funding opportunity should be directed to the cognizant NSF program officer(s) identified in the funding opportunity.

General shutdown questions should be directed to"

October 18, 2013: NIH and NSF have posted notices on plans for resuming activities. NIH has posted some new deadlines for those missed. NSF has not, at this time, but details can be found in the links below. We encourage you to review the announcement from each agency.


October 17, 2013: Federal agency employees are back to work as of October 17, 2013. Government websites are up and running. Announcements have not been made as to how they will handle missed application due dates, review meetings, etc. We will post information as soon as updates are provided.

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