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PAN PAC Standard Terms

The following terms are frequently incorporated into the Project Award Notices (PANs) U-M receives. Because the terms are so common, ORSP has developed some standard terms and definitions that you will often see in PANs and Project Award Changes (PACs). This list is provided as a handy reminder, but it is neither exhaustive, nor written with a specific award in mind.

As it is important to always read the guidelines, it is similarly important to always read the award. This list of boilerplate terms and definitions can never replace a full and detailed understanding of all the terms and conditions contained in your award.

Standard Term Standard Term Text
A-21 OMB Circular A-21 principles apply to this award because the ultimate source of funds is the Federal government (see also "Uniform Guidance")
Citizenship/Nationality Restrictions Please be aware that this award has restrictions on participation based on citizenship/nationality. Read the award terms and conditions for specific guidance.
Confidentiality Terms Please be aware that this award requires compliance with terms and conditions regarding confidentiality. Read the award for specific guidance.
Data Sharing/Management Plan This project requires a data sharing or data management plan.
Equipment Disposition Determined by Sponsor This award contains a property clause requiring the University to contact the sponsor for final disposition of some or all equipment purchased and supplied. All purchased equipment should use account 614300.
E-Verify Required Personnel assigned to receive direct support from this project/grant, from related cost-sharing, or on sub-project/grants must be E-Verified. Please contact the Human Resources Unit Liaison in your unit to make arrangements to complete the E-Verify process. To find your HR Unit Liaison or for more information, please visit the HR E-Verify website.
Export Controls Involvement This project involves Export Controls. A fully executed Technology Control Plan (TCP) needs to be in place prior to starting any work or discussions involving export controlled equipment, materials, software or technical data. Please contact the Export Control Officer and finalize your TCP as soon as possible.
Federal Research Terms and Conditions (RTC) This grant is subject to the Federal Research Terms and Conditions (RTC). For more information, please visit the ORSP website at
Fixed Price Award This award is a fixed-price award.
Government Furnished Equipment This award/modification provides Government Furnished Equipment (GFE), i.e., equipment provided by the Government where ownership/title is retained by the Government. The Project Team is required to contact the Office of Property Control whenever such equipment is acquired.
Hardship Opened This project/grant was previously established and opened on a hardship basis. The total committed budget noted above includes the amount previously authorized on hardship.
Minority/Women Business Enterprise Goal This award requires project-specific minimum Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Women Business Enterprise (WBE) goals for all purchases and sub-awards. Please contact Procurement Services regarding how to fulfill these obligations. Please also see attached award and for details.
Minimum Wage Requirement This award requires that employees appointed to project funds receive wages that are no less than the minimum wage established by the sponsor. 
NIH Modular Grant Award This is an NIH Modular Grant Award without direct cost categorical breakdowns. A University statement on post award management considerations for modular grants is available at:
NIH Public Access Policy All investigators funded by this project must submit, or have submitted for them, an electronic version of their final, peer-reviewed manuscripts resulting from this research to the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed Central upon acceptance for publication. See
NIH SNAP This grant is subject to the NIH Streamlined Noncompeting Award Process (SNAP).
Online Sponsor System Post-award activities with the sponsor, including progress reports and financial reports, will be managed through the sponsor’s online system (e.g., proposalCENTRAL, Grants Online, etc.)
OSEH Review/Approval The activities supported by this award may require additional review and approval by the Occupational Safety and Environmental Health (OSEH) department before proceeding (e.g., blood-borne pathogens, hazardous or infectious agents, etc.).  Please contact OSEH, as necessary, before carrying out funded research.
PAF-R This award contains terms and conditions that are not consistent with the Regents' policy on the openness of research (SPG 303.01). As a result, there is an approved PAF-R associated with this award.
Publication Delay or Review Please be advised that this award contains a publication clause (e.g., one that delays the ability to publish, grants the sponsor a right to pre-publication review, etc.).  Read the award terms and conditions for specific guidance.
Retro Empty Parent Assigned Sponsored Programs has assigned the above referenced empty parent project/grant number for this project. Previously assigned project/grant numbers are now subproject/grant numbers under the empty parent. Expenses should be charged to the subproject/grant number assigned for the respective committed budget authorization period shown above.
Small Business Plan Requirement A small business plan is required for this award. Please contact Procurement Services regarding how to fulfill this obligation. Please also see attached award and for details.
Subcontract Your project includes one or more subcontracts. Please contact the Office of Contract Administration to request a new subcontract or amend an existing subcontract. 
Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200) The Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (also known as the "Uniform Guidance" in 2 CFR 200) apply to this award because the ultimate source of funds is the Federal government.