Proposal Processing Deadlines

ORSP's deadline for reviewing the finalized Proposal Approval Form (PAF) and the final proposal is four (4) full business days in advance of the sponsor's deadline date and time.

Please remember to accommodate deadlines from your unit and special circumstances, such as the Environmental Questionnaires completed by UM OSEH, and other such items.

Helpful Hints

  • eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM) is used to create, route, and sign the PAF and deliver the complete proposal to ORSP, regardless of who does final submission to the sponsor.
  • ORSP closes for business at 5 p.m., regardless of any later sponsor-allowed deadline time.
  • Certain proposals (for DOD, DOE, EPA) require an Environmental Questionnaire to complete the grant application package. This multi-page form can only be completed by UM-OSEH with facts gathered from various stakeholders, including the Academic Unit and the PI named on the proposal.
  • It is the responsibility of the research team to contact OSEH and have the forms completed before the proposal is delivered to ORSP. Completion of this complex questionnaire takes considerable effort in fact-gathering and verification, and thus OSEH requires at least 5 business days before the completed proposal needs to be at ORSP. See the OSEH page on DOD Facility Plans.
  • The ORSP Standard Operating Procedure on Proposal Review by ORSP provides guidance.


Optimizing Warning Checks

When proposals are delivered to ORSP with four full working days, it is possible to correct items that the system marks as warnings, even if the items are not errors that will prevent the proposal from being validated. ORSP will offer you the option to review and correct these items to optimize your proposal. ORSP will then resubmit the proposal. This level of service is only available for proposals that arrive at ORSP with the full, four-day lead time.

The same deadlines apply regardless of whether ORSP or the PI's team will submit the proposal to the sponsor.

ORSP closes at 5 p.m. Therefore proposals must be received by ORSP in time to submit the proposal by 5 p.m. of the due date even when the sponsor deadline is in a different time zone or is later than 5 p.m.

See Standard Operating Procedure 200.01 on Proposal Review by ORSP for guidance.

Regarding all Proposals

Be available
It is critically important that once your proposal has been submitted to ORSP, you or your staff is readily available to respond to questions from ORSP. The more lead time for proposal review, the more time available to make any necessary proposal fixes necessary for ORSP to submit the proposal.

Understand how large volumes are prioritized
Be aware that when the number of proposals being submitted to meet a deadline is large, all proposals received on time will be fully processed, including necessary resubmissions, before those proposals that arrive at ORSP late. This is in fairness to those investigators who meet the published deadline. ORSP will, of course, do all it can to submit your proposal on time, but we wanted to make you aware of the way that proposals are prioritized and the associated risk of not meeting ORSP's deadlines.

Manage risk
ORSP staff will do everything possible to get the proposal to the sponsor on time. However, as the amount of time for processing is reduced, the chance for insurmountable obstacles increases. Certain parts of the review process lay outside of ORSP and therefore, are subject to the schedules of other offices. When there is sufficient lead time, ORSP staff can compensate for these problems. Therefore, faculty should make every effort to provide the maximum time possible for ORSP to process and adequately review their proposals.

Last reviewed: August 2011
Name changes: Jan. 2012