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How We'll Help Prioritize COVID-19 Research for U-M

March 23, 2020

Covid-19 from Wikipedia

During this unprecedented time, the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) and Finance-Sponsored Programs, along with the Office of Contract Administration (OCA) continue to be open for business, and we will continue to ensure that vital research continues, especially with regard to COVID-19.

ORSP and our partners will prioritize the following when related to COVID-19:

Additional Notes on Research with Human Subjects, Laboratory or Animal Research or Significant University Resources

All investigators who wish to carry out new or modified research projects related to COVID-19 that involve human subjects, basic laboratory or animal research, or require significant university resources to stand up, must submit a COVID-related Research Prioritization Form to UMOR’s COVID-19 committee. Please direct questions regarding this process to


ORSP will prioritize the submission of any proposal related to COVID-19. As long as ORSP is given a day’s advance notice, staff will review and submit COVID-19 related proposals by the deadline, regardless of when the proposal is finalized.

Project teams should alert ORSP that the proposal is related to COVID-19:

  1. Place “COVID-19” at the beginning of the title of the Proposal Approval Form (PAF).

  2. Alert the Project Representative by phone. (As a backup, the project team may call the support staff team member or the main ORSP number 734-764-5500.)

  3. Please do not post a comment as a way to alert ORSP.

Contracts, Agreements, and Clinical Trials

ORSP will prioritize the negotiation of any contract, agreement or clinical trial related to COVID-19. This commitment applies to agreements for Expanded Access/Emergency IND authorization as well.

For Contracts and Agreements

  1. Alert the Project Representative by phone. (As a backup, the project team may call the support staff team member or the main ORSP number 734-764-5500.)

  2. On the PAF or UFA (as applicable):

    • Place “COVID-19” at the beginning of the title.

    • Please do not post a comment as a way to alert ORSP. 

    • Attach documents noted above.

For Clinical Trials

Follow above steps for contracts and agreements, plus:

  1. Prepare an email to with COVID-19. In the subject line please include the PI namedepartment and the number of the CTRF/PAF or UFA if one has started to route and include attachments (see #2).

  2. Attach/forward the following:

    • documents that will eventually be attached to the UFA or CTRF/PAF, as applicable.

    • any communication from the Sponsor.

  3. Be sure to include COID-19 on the CTRF.


Finance-Sponsored Programs and ORSP will accelerate the setup of any awards focused on COVID-19. 

  1. Work with ORSP or Finance-Sponsored Programs to ensure “COVID-19” is at the beginning of the title.

Outgoing Subagreements

OCA will prioritize outgoing subaward agreements to our partners. 

  1. Place “COVID-19” at the beginning of the title.

  2. Please do post a comment to alert OCA for Subaward Agreements (note that this is the only exception from the above guidelines).

  3. Call 734-763-3193 to alert the contract Administration Team.

We thank you as you continue to step up and find ways to further the important work of research at the University of Michigan. Linked to from our March 23, 2020 morning RAPid Announcement.