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New ORSP SOPs Regarding Other Support and Foreign Components

December 10, 2020
The Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) has updated the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) 200.03 Reporting of Other Support. The purpose of this SOP is to describe ORSP's policy requiring the true, complete, and accurate reporting of all sources of support for a faculty member’s research and other sponsored activities. The updates reflect changes made by NIH and other sponsors to the requirements for this reporting.
ORSP has also implemented a new SOP, 200.05 Foreign Component Policy. The purpose of this SOP is to describe ORSP's policy requiring the true, complete, and accurate reporting of all Foreign Components of a sponsored project. When a foreign component exists, ORSP requires that this information be disclosed on the Proposal Approval Form (PAF) in the eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM) system and the foreign component should be properly addressed in all appropriate locations in the proposal.

Additional Resources

For more information on working with Foreign Components or Other Support for NIH or other sponsors, please see:


For questions or further assistance, please email the International Research Guidance team at

For questions regarding reporting Outside Interests in M-Inform, please contact for assistance from a U-M COI Office (UMOR COI, MEDCOI).