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Use your U-M Credentials for eRA Commons

December 15, 2021

U-M Two-Factor Login now available for NIH Commons

Federated Login now available for NIH Commons

Those with accounts in NIH's electronic Research Administration Commons ("eRA or NIH Commons") can and should use their Duo two-factor authentication (2FA) through the University of Michigan to log in to eRA or NIH Commons. You can do this through the Federated Login area.

What is InCommon and a Federated Account?

U-M is a member of the InCommon Federation which provides this efficient and secure option. You'll see the "Federated Account" option on the eRA Commons Login page. (See image below.)

Why use the U-M login?

  • It reduces administrative burden.
  • It reduces risk.
  • It prevents you from having to remember or store multiple passwords
  • Your single sign-on is maintained in different sessions (e.g. WolverineAccess, UMich Mail, NIH, etc.)

How to use this login?

Step 1. Go to eRA Commons Login Page.
Screenshot of NIH eRA Login Federated Account area
Step 2. Choose the University of Michigan. (Type a few characters to filter the list.)
Step 3. You'll be prompted to log in using your U-M 2FA. You may see this screen upon your first login. Click the second option to avoid this screen in the future. 
Information release

Should I still use

Either will provide the more secure with two-factor authentication (also known as multi-factor authentication). Your unit may have a preference, but the Federated login is easier.  

Which Roles are Affected Now?

* Scientific category accounts changed last September, and include these roles:

  • Principal Investigator (PD/PI)
  • Undergraduate
  • Scientist
  • Trainee
  • Graduate_Student
  • Project_Personnel
  • Sponsor
  • Assistant (ASST)

Administrative category accounts have not yet changed, but are expected to in 2022, and include these roles:

  • Signing Official (SO)
  • ASSIST Access Maintainer 
  • Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI)
  • Administrative Official (AO)
  • Financial Conflict of Interest Assistant (FCOI_ASST)
  • Account Administrator (AA)
  • Financial Conflict of Interest View (FCOI_View)
  • Business Official (BO)
  • Financial Status Reporter (FSR)
  • Public Access Compliance Report

For more information on eRA Commons roles, please review the eRA Commons Roles document for full descriptions of the roles, and the eRA Commons Roles & Privileges Matrix for a quick view of roles and their capabilities.

Other Tips

  1. Conduct your own login Compliance Check to make sure your 2FA works.
  2. New users should use the Federated Login rather than
  3. Remember you will still have to update your password with Commons
  4. NIH cannot yet support this feature for users who have more than one eRA account. Therefore, administrators with multiple eRA administrative accounts may not yet transition their accounts,
  5. This change, for now, is primarily intended for those with a Scientific account*. (See Roles Affected above.)
  6. Users with both a Scientific account* and an Administrative account should start using 2FA for their Scientific account but delay switching their Administrative account until eRA has implemented support for users with multiple eRA accounts in early 2022.
  7. You will not be able to link your accounts if your Commons password is expired. But, after successfully changing your password, you will be able to Login with your Federated Account.


This is a successful result:

Federated Login Compliance Check by NIH