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Frequently Required Proposal Documents and Data

Following is a list of documents and data that are frequently required by sponsors in your proposals. 

About U-M

Various Codes, Downloads, and Links

Annual Reports

Office of Finance

Office of Research

Assurance and Compliance Approval Letters and Confirmations

Higher Learning

  • Higher Learning Commission Accreditation
    • Accreditation letter can be generated from the Provost's office HLC web page. Follow the prompts to generate a letter with today's date stamp. 

Human Subjects

  • Human Subjects Protection Assurance # [DHHS] aka Federal Wide Assurance # FWA 00004969 (See NIH OHRP Website for official source of expiration as the date changes frequently.)  
    • Enter either the number or the institutional name exactly as "U Michigan" in the search box to get the current info.


  • Most recent AAALAC Accreditation Date: November 22, 2017

  • PHS Assurance Number: D16-00072 (A3114-01), Assurance Dates: July 2017 - July 2021

  • USDA Registration Number: 34-R-0001, Last Inspection Date: April 25, 2018

Federal Government

  • Dept of Defense FWA - Addendum [pdf]: expires 6/13/2019
  • DHHS Date of Compliance: Misconduct in Science 2/28/1996
  • Radiation Safety NRC numbers: UM 21-00215-04 and VA 21-00159-04

Government Approval Letters

Cognizant Offices

  • Cognizant Audit Office: Department of Health and Human Services, Region V Regional Director: Jackie Garner, Telephone: (312) 886-6432 | Fax: (312) 353-4144 
    • c/o Office of Audit Service, 233 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1360, Chicago, IL 60601 
  • Office of Naval Research (ONRRO) Chicago

Chicago Regional Office
230 South Dearborn, Room 380
Chicago, IL 60605-1595
Phone: 312-886-5423
Fax: 312-353-6089

  • Cost Accounting Standards Disclosure Statement (DS 2)
    June 30, 2016, DS-2 Approval Letter (PDF)
  • DCMA (Defense Contract Management Agency) & DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency)

  • DHHS Division of Cost Allocation

Indirect Cost (F & A) Rate Agreement

U-M Staff Fringe Benefits

Subrecipient Forms

Other Campus Resources

References and Resources


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