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  • Limited Submission

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    Limited Submission is a funding opportunity in which the sponsor sets an institutional limit for the number of proposals it will accept. In order to participate, the University must organize to submit our most competitive proposal. This requires an internal competition. The process is critical extra submissions can result in the rejection by the sponsor.

    Polices and Procedures

    1. We cannot guarantee we will find and announce every limited funding opportunity.
    2. We sometimes learn of a limited opportunity belatedly. We will do our best to announce it within a reasonable time.
    3. If you find a funding opportunity of interest and believe it is limited, but do not see it here or in our archived emails, you still must follow our process. Let us know the opportunity you have found. This process is critical: extra submissions can result in the sponsor's rejection of all from the University of Michigan.
    4. If the sponsor deadline has not expired, you may be able to still apply. Contact us.
    5. We will try to work with all interested parties to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

    Our Process
    Before holding an internal competition, we typically share a Call for Intent to Submit to determine interest. To be informed of any Calls for Intent or active Limited Submission competitions, sign up for our newsletter.

    To be informed of the opportunities we have identified, you can sign up for our Weekly Call for Intent and Limited Submission communication.  We now communicate both the Calls for Intent to Submit and the Limited Submissions in a single communication.

    Interested parties declare their interest for a Call for Intent to Submit and/or submit competition materials for a Limited Submission competition, through our InfoReady Limited Submissions website.  ​For questions, contact