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International Activities

In working with international partners, U-M will maintain the highest standards in pursuit of new knowledge and will comply fully with the federal regulations and guidelines that govern research and scholarship. 

Heightened interest and scrutiny at the federal level regarding the risk of potential undue foreign influence compels the University's overall approach to ensure compliance in this area. 

The recent addition of questions related to Foreign Components on the proposal approval form (PAF) is one example. Now, the expanded Sign PAF activity and “Other Support” review pilot are additional components.

"International Activities" encompasses both Foreign Components and International Engagements. Here's how to distinguish between the two aspects of International Activities.


Foreign Components

  • Refers to where this work is happening
  • Is project-specific
  • Has no regard to who is doing the work

International Engagements

  • Resources and Relationships supporting any of a person’s research endeavors
  • Person-specific
  • Doesn’t matter which project

Addressing International Activities in eRPM

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