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Research Proposals - Biosketches


The Biosketch in a grant proposal gives the investigators the opportunity to highlight their expertise and experience related to the proposal work. The format and length may be specified in the guidelines. Education should include not only degrees but additional courses or activities that underscore your skills in a relevant area. Under professional positions, be sure to include post-doc experiences. Publications reflect your productivity, work record, and collegiality; the most valuable publications are full articles in peer review journals where the subject is relevant to the proposed work and the investigator is a primary contributor; you can include papers accepted for publication by a journal. Remember, you may be able to annotate individual publications to show how this relates to the proposed work.

If given the option to write a personal statement as part of the Biosketch, compose it thoughtfully. Describe not only your background and qualifications to conduct the proposed work (e.g., post-doc work, experience in essential methodology), but your prior work with your co-investigators.

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