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OVPR Cost Sharing

This webpage discusses U-M Office of Research (UMOR) cost-sharing. For information on the University of Michigan policies regarding cost-sharing in general, please see: Cost Sharing Requirements.

Policy Effective Date

Policy Change is effective as of September 1, 2020. 

Overview of OVPR Cost Sharing

MResearchThe University of Michigan Office of Research (OVPR) aims to catalyze, support, and safeguard research. To be effective and strategic partners in supporting research, OVPR will be thoughtful in committing institutional financial support to proposals that are aligned with institutional strategies and goals. The following guidelines and rigor will be applied for transparency and consistent prioritization:

  • Proposals that support interdisciplinary, cross-unit research from more than one school, college, or unit (OVPR will consider cost-share on training grants for trainees at or above the postdoctoral level).
  • Proposals that will provide research equipment and will benefit multiple investigators from multiple schools/colleges or units.
  • Certain proposals that would be considered to be prestigious in nature for the institution.
  • Proposals from a single school will be considered only when it is part of a larger strategic initiative or has the potential to enhance institutional reputation or status.
  • The ability for the unit to self-fund in support of the research.

When reaching a decision, OVPR will consider whether the cost-sharing is required by the sponsor, the unit’s contribution, as well as the unit and institutional priorities. Requests must be received no later than three weeks before the submission deadline unless the sponsor has provided less time between its solicitation and the deadline, by the Research Associate Dean or assigned delegate in order to give adequate review time. Late requests will be given lower priority.

Your action required: Download the OVPR cost-share request form and obtain all necessary approvals for your department or school/college. Once the form is completed and all approvals have been obtained, forward the cost-share form and approvals to your research Dean for application processing.


No. This is an often-heard misconception. The unit's cost-sharing is determined before the UMOR review takes place. Although the end result may be that the unit and UMOR each contribute the same amount toward the cost-sharing, matching is not automatic.