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Accessing Sponsored Awards Data - BusinessObjects

Looking for SAW?

Our former Sponsored Awards on the Web (SAW) database is only current to August 17, 2018, due to the addition of award management functionality to the eResearch Proposal Management System. We have therefore retired it for now. For current data, you can query in eResearch or Business Objects.

If you need to search for sponsored award or eResearch proposal management (eRPM) data, we recommend using BusinessObjects, a U-M database that contains an eResearch data set.

How to Get Information

  1. Use eResearch for simple queries. See below on this page for step-by-step guides, listed under References & Resources.
  2. Use the BusinessObjects database via WolverineAccess if you have an account. The Business Objects querying tool can provide greater detail and data than eResearch. We recommend using it over searching eRPM for records.
  3. Contact your research administrator. *If you do not have access to BusinessObjects, and you are U-M staff or faculty, please first contact a research administrator in your school or department.*
  4. If your unit does not have access to BusinessObjects and its U-M-Maintained/Research Reports, contact 4-HELP or email with the Subject: "eRPM ORSP Tier 3" and the details of your request. 

Training and Support for BusinessObjects

If you need training and support or an introduction to Business Objects, be sure to view a  Lunch and Learn session on Introduction to BusinessObjects and the eRPM Data Set. Also see these Additional Resources for accessing the IT4U87: The eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM) data set.


For eResearch Proposal Management Report Requests: Please email with the Subject: "eRPM Tier 3", and details of your request.