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Navigate - Navigating research at the University of MichiganProfessional Development for Research Administrators

The offices of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) and Finance - Sponsored Programs have partnered to provide a collection of training opportunities and professional development resources for research administrators.

A number of new initiatives fall under this new program, including instructor-led courses, mentoring, and other resources and job aids. We plan to continue building a suite of training programs that will include many pre- and post-award topics. Training for the research administration community will be prioritized based on our extensive research and survey feedback.

Training Courses


Fundamentals: Navigating research administration at the University of Michigan

Navigate: Fundamentals 

The Navigate: Fundamentals course is offered to U-M research administrators early in their research administration careers (zero to about two years of working experience). The course consists of seven full-day instructor-led sessions, with capstone projects to demonstrate success. Learn more about the Navigate: Fundamentals course, and review our Frequently Asked Questions.

Navigate: Uniform Guidance

Navigate: Uniform Guidance Cost Principles

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Navigate: Uniform Guidance Cost Principles course is recommended for new or seasoned research administrators involved in the pre- and post-award management of federally sponsored research projects. This course will focus directly on the Uniform Guidance (UG) Cost Principles

Navigate: Budgeting Basics

Thursday, May 2, 2019
Monday, May 20, 2019

The Budgeting Basics course will provide research administrators (RAs) with a hands-on experiential class, covering real-life scenarios encountered by RAs in their work. 

Budgeting Basics is recommended for newer research administrators: 

  • with approximately one year of on-the-job experience,
  • who have minimal experience working with budgets for sponsored research proposals,
  • who are proficient using Microsoft Excel.

Navigate: Advanced Budgeting - Department of Defense (DoD) Budgets

Thursday, May 23, 2019
Thursday, June 6, 2019

The Advanced Budgeting-DoD course is intended for intermediate research administrators with approximately two or more years of on-the-job experience. The DoD Budgets class in the Advanced Budgeting series will provide research administrators (RAs) with a hands-on, experiential class covering real-life scenarios encountered by RAs in their work, including:

  • common DoD budget attributes,
  • meeting exact-dollar requirements,
  • locating and documenting pricing information, and
  • writing a successful DoD budget justification.

Advanced Budgeting - Selected Topics - Internal Proposals for Cost Sharing - Navigating Research Administration at the University of Michigan

Navigate: Advanced Budgeting - Internal Proposals with Cost Sharing

The Advanced Budgeting-IP course is intended for intermediate research administrators with approximately two or more years of on-the-job experience. The Internal Proposals class in the Advanced Budgeting series will provide research administrators (RAs) with a hands-on, experiential class covering real-life scenarios encountered by RAs in their work, including:

  • projects without a solicitation or guidelines,
  • complex internally funded projects,
  • internal cost share,
  • PIs from multiple departments across campus.

Navigate: Advanced Budgeting - Task-Based/Hourly BudgetsAdvanced Budgeting Task-Based Budgets 

Thursday, September 12, 2019
Wednesday, September 18, 2019

In the Advanced Budgeting-TBB course, learners will engage in class walk-through demonstrations, discussion of budget-building and problem-solving strategies typical in the context of proposal submission, and then work through reinforcing budget development homework assignments.  Budget attributes in this course include: 

  • National Institutes of Health (NIH) (2-year, $315K) and Department of Transportation (DoT) (multi-year, < $1M) budgets for sponsors with mixed effort/appointments in budgets including 12-month, U-Year, and pool (with SVH) appointments;
  • multiple methods of fringe rate calculation based on sponsor requirements and appointment types;
  • conversion of effort from percent (%) effort to loaded labor hour(s);
  • loaded Labor rates included on a task-based, multi-year budget with a base budget period and option years; and,
  • simple cost sharing.

Navigate: Lunch & Learn

Navigate: E-ssentials eLearning Modules

The Navigate: E-ssentials is a collection of self-paced elearning modules covering a variety of topics related to research administration at U-M. Addressing common tasks, concepts and business processes encountered throughout the Sponsored Project Lifecycle, Navigate: E-ssentials also provides resources and job aids to assist research administrators with the successful management of a sponsored project.

Navigate: Lunch & Learn

Navigate: Lunch & Learn Series

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Navigate: Lunch & Learn series is open to all members of the research administration community. There is no cost to attend. During the sessions, we will provide a basic overview of a topic and discuss its importance as it relates to the research administration community. 

Navigate: Research Administration Mentoring Program RAMP

Navigate: RAMP

The Research Administration Mentoring Program (RAMP↑) matches mentors who have at least five years of research administration experience with mentees who are relative newcomers to the field, with approximately six months to about two years of research administration experience at the University of Michigan. Applications for the Fall 2019 cohort will be made available in June/July 2019. 

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  • Research Administrator Professional Associations A listing of opportunities aimed at helping Research Administrators stay informed and develop professionally.
  • aiM Higher Study Group aiM Higher is the University of Michigan guided and self-study program designed to assist research administrators in preparing for the Certified Research Administrator (CRA) exam. 

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