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Working with Foundation Relations

Michigan Foundation Relations logoIf you are planning to seek support from a foundation, be sure to see if it is on Foundation Relations' list of managed foundations.

If it is, contact the Foundation Relations office. When working with sponsors from certain foundations, the University of Michigan's relationship is managed at a strategic level.

This strategic management may be required simply because:

  • the Foundation has asked U-M to submit only one proposal a year or a cycle;
  • the Foundation is run by family members who are closely engaged with University of Michigan Foundation Relations; or,
  • there is a requirement that the University of Michigan president must sign the cover letter or provide an endorsement.

The Foundation Relations website has the most current list of managed foundations (requires a U-M login), but it may include the following.

  • Americana Foundation
  • Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
  • Arcus Foundation
  • Atkins, Robert Foundation
  • Buffett, Susan Thompson, Foundation
  • Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan
  • Coulter, Wallace H., Foundation
  • Davidson, William Foundation
  • DMC Foundation
  • Dow, Herbert H. & Grace A., Foundation
  • Erb Family Foundation
  • Fisher, Max M. and Marjorie S., Foundation, Inc.
  • Frey Foundation
  • Gerstacker, Rollin M., Foundation
  • Hartwell  Foundation , The
  • Herrick Foundation
  • Keck, W. M., Foundation
  • Kresge Foundation
  • MacArthur Foundation (John D. and Catherine T.)
  • McGregor Fund
  • Milken Family Foundation
  • Michigan Health Endowment Fund
  • Moore, Gordon and Betty, Foundation
  • Mott, Charles Stewart, Foundation
  • Mott, Ruth, Foundation
  • Pardee, Elsa U., Foundation
  • Simons Foundation
  • Skillman Foundation
  • Towsley, Harry and Margaret D., Foundation
  • Wege Foundation
  • Wilson, Ralph C. Jr. Foundation



For more information contact Maureen Martin, Executive Director of Foundation Relations, at 647-6074 or