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Extended Sick Time Pay & Leave

The U-M Office of Research (UMOR) provides internal funds for extended sick time pay and leave for employees paid from sponsored funds. Charges related to Extended Sick Time Pay (staff and faculty) and Extended Leave (research fellows) are not allowable expenses on sponsored funds. The University maintains a central fund to cover these charges.

For employees paid with sponsored funds:

1. Eligibility Requirements

The request for time off due to a qualifying illness/injury or pregnancy (according to Staff Handbook) must be communicated by the employee to the supervisor in the employing unit. The Supervisor will work with the employee to complete appropriate forms for claims with Work Connections. The employee is required to submit appropriate medical documentation to Work Connections.

2. Implementation

a. Employees in the time and labor system (Staff, Research Faculty, Archivists, Curators and Librarians)

Employee's in the time and labor system submit biweekly or monthly time reports to record their exception time. Extended Sick Time, once approved by the unit is recorded using the following time reporting codes:
ESF - Extended Sick Full Pay
ESH - Extended Sick Half Pay
ESY - Extended Sick Full Pay (Nurses)
ESX - Extended Sick Half Pay (Nurses)
Payroll will automatically transfer all exception time reported for these codes on sponsored funds (funds 20000 and 25000) to the University fund.

b. Employees not in the time and labor system (Instructional Faculty, Clinical Faculty and Research Fellows)

Faculty and Research Fellows do not submit time sheets so no exception time is recorded. The employing unit must request a retroactive salary by submitting a "Request for Salary Transfer" form to the University Payroll Office. These requests must be submitted in compliance with the University's "Retroactive Salary Policy" and will be submitted as follows:

  • Research Fellows - a single "Research Fellow Extended Sick Salary Transfer Request" form will be submitted at the end of the employees Extended Leave (maximum duration of 6 weeks).
  • Faculty - a single "Faculty Extended Sick Salary Transfer Request" form will be submitted if the Extended Sick Time is less than 120 days. If the Extended Sick Leave is expected to exceed 120 days multiple "Request for Salary Transfer" forms will need to be submitted with a periodicity to remain compliant with the "Retroactive Salary Policy."

3. Oversight

On an annual basis the University will audit the individuals paid from the central fund against Work Connections' verifications of disability to ensure policy compliance. In instances of non-compliance the costs will be transferred to the employing unit.

The employing unit is responsible for ensuring that all other HR actions associated with Extended Sick Time Pay (staff and faculty) and Extended Leave (research fellows) are performed in a timely manner (e.g. Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) notification). 


Feel free to direct questions to Rebekah Ashley of the U-M Office of Research.
(734) 764-5409