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Close Out Project

At the end of a project, there are important considerations to make sure the project comes to an orderly close. The University has an obligation to sponsors to submit a final technical and financial report. Perhaps inventions or patents are necessary.  

The New Closeout Checklists and Guide are Here!

We are pleased to announce that the Research Administration Advisory Council (RAAC) Process Committee has completed its work on a new financial Closeout Guide and Checklists, replacing the previous Closeout Checklist. 

New Project Closeout Checklists
How is it Different?

The document contains three sections to serve different levels of experience. You may use these in any order:

  1. Project Closeout Guide - Coupled with the "Areas to Address" this detailed guide helps more specifically explain who you should work with addressing the areas. It includes helpful website addresses and phone numbers. 
  2. Areas to Address - This section offers the types of actions and steps you need to take to prepare (e.g., what to reconcile and generally who to consult).
  3. Closeout Timeline - This section contains a timeline, working backward from the project closeout date, to ensure you address the actions at the time, and in allowance of the time, needed. 

This document differs from its predecessor in that it:

  • is more detailed;
  • guides you to start your process much sooner;
  • provides a timeline, references, and contact information to support the action steps needed, and 
  • allows the project team to be prepared and finalizing all issues (e.g. moving salaries, including all purchases, making corrections, etc.) right at the time when Sponsored Programs start of the financial report.

Where can I find this resource?

The Finance - Sponsored Programs website is the primary home for this document:


Thanks to the Working Group

For this detailed guide we thank the workgroup:

  • Anita English (formerly of the U-M Medical School) - Champion of project
  • Meenu Baxendale (SNRE)
  • Kristie Beckon (Sponsored Programs)
  • Nichole Burnside (ISR)
  • Kathy DeWitt (ORSP)
  • Missy Denny (Sponsored Programs)
  • Megan Diffin (Medical School)
  • Rhonda Jent (College of Engineering)
  • Charles Mattison (ISR)
  • Anna Taylor (Dentistry)

References and Resources

  • Unfunded Agreement Types At any point of a research project you may need a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), a Data Use Agreement (DUA) or another type of "unfunded agreement" (UFA). 
  • NIH Transition of Awards in Payment Management System Beginning in October 2015, NIH began transitioning awards to a new account in the Payment Management System. For those awards affected, here is the Quick Reference Guide for essentially closing out those project grants (P/Gs) in order to transition them.

Close Out Project