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Featured ITS eRPM How-To Guides

Throughout the ORSP website we try to feature links to specific U-M Information Technology Services (ITS) guides, step-by-step procedures, reference documents, and job aids that you may need for a given topic/task. On this web page, we are featuring a few of these ITS guides referenced throughout the ORSP website.

To see all the resources that ITS offers regarding eResearch, be sure to visit the eRPM job aids, training, and reference materials on proposals, awards, subKs, UFAs, and more.

    Reference, Training Resources, and Job Aids for eResearch

    Proposal Management 

    See complete and current list on ITS website.

    U-M PI and Investigators

    PI & Project Team

    Award Management

    See complete and current list on ITS website.

    PI & Project Team

    Award Change Requests (ACR)


    PI & Project Team




    There could be a few reasons. It's helpful to check the status. Some common reasons might be:

    1. ORSP might not have your ACR because it has not been approved by the PI or Department. All approvals must be complete before it comes to your ORSP Rep.
    2. Perhaps you communicated outside of the ACR process (using email or a posted comment). ORSP cannot act on those.
    3. Perhaps it hasn't been routed to ORSP. Be sure to hit "Submit Changes."

    For more information visit:

    Yes, and if you have multiple changes, this is the most efficient way to make the request. When you route the Action request, select the check box for every change you are requesting. More than one type can be selected (except for "Other Action"). Refer to this job aid. Proposal Management: Request Action on Award | ITS Documentation 

     The ACR must be submitted to ORSP early enough to allow time for administrative processing and to secure sponsor approval in advance of the requested change.

    To submit requests for changes to active, funded projects.

    The eRPM system will automatically route to all appropriate U-M parties for the required approvals for each ACR type (ACR Approval Matrix:

    Research Project Teams.

    Unfortunately, if you’ve already submitted the ACR, you’ll have to create a new one. A best practice is to select all the types of change actions you need the first time through.

    Proposal Management: Request Action on Award | ITS Documentation



    For information on all eRPM updates, visit the Proposal Management Release Notes page.