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Frequently Required Proposal Data & Documents

Following are documents and data frequently required by sponsors for proposals. 

About U-M

Tax ID / IRS Determination Letter

SAM expiration, UEI, CAGE, DUNS, and SIGMA

System for Award Management ( Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) and expiration, Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code, DUNS codes, and state of Michigan SIGMA:

  • Ann Arbor:
    • SAM Exp. April 5, 2025, UEI ​GNJ7BBP73WE9, 
      CAGE code: 03399, DUNS 073133571
  • Dearborn:
    • SAM Exp. April 17, 2025, UEI ​RY78VSF6P4G3
      CAGE code: 1PBE1, DUNS 782738207
  • Flint:
    • SAM Exp. April 9, 2025, UEI ​ L8QSLB2KCRE5
      CAGE code: 5STD7, DUNS 085043891

Search Instructions for SAM.go:

  • Click on Search Record using Cage Code#, UEI#, or DUNS# to access U-M information, expiration date, etc.
  • Choose View Details and Reps & Certs to download the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs) or Defense FARs (DFARs).

State of Michigan SIGMA Vendor ID Number: CV0048260

Facilities & Administration (F&A) / Indirect Cost (IDC) Rate Agreement

Subrecipient Forms

    Assurance Letters, Compliance Approvals, Confirmations, Cognizant Offices

    Animal Care and Use

    • Most recent AAALAC Accreditation Date: November 27, 2023, Unit number: 000285
    • PHS Assurance Number: D16-00072 (A3114-01), Assurance Dates: July 2021 - July 2025
    • DHHS Date of Compliance: Misconduct in Science: February 28, 1996
    • Radiation Safety NRC numbers: UM 21-00215-04 and VA 21-00159-04

    Cognizant Office - Government Approval Letters

    (Scroll down for Addresses and Contacts.)

    Cognizant Audit Offices - Mailing Addresses and Contacts 

    (Scroll up for related approval letters from these Cognizant Audit Offices. See below for F&A Rate.)

    • Department of Health and Human Services
      Federal guidelines require the university to maintain an approved disclosure statement (DS-2) on file with the Department of Health and Human Services, describing the university's accounting and management practices.
      DHHS Division of Cost Allocation
      Olulola Oluborode (or Lola Oluborode) (301) 492-4065,
    • Cost Accounting Standards Disclosure Statement (DS-2)
      Federal guidelines require U-M to maintain an approved disclosure statement (DS-2) with DHHS describing U-M accounting and management practices.
    • DCMA (Defense Contract Management Agency)
      Patricia Scott
      Director of Contracts
      1523 W. Central Rd
      Arlington Heights IL 60005
    • DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency)
      2250 West John Carpenter Freeway
      Irving, TX 75063
      General Information: (571) 448-7503 

    • Office of Naval Research (ONR) - Chicago
      Chicago Regional Office
      230 South Dearborn, Room 380
      Chicago, IL 60605-1595
      Phone: 312-886-5423
      Fax: 312-353-6089

    Eurostat Certification ID Number 

    Harassment and Discrimination

    Higher Learning

    • Higher Learning Commission Accreditation
      • An accreditation letter can be generated from the Provost's office HLC web page. Follow the prompts to generate a letter with today's date stamp.

    Human Subjects

    • Human Subjects Protection Assurance # [DHHS] aka Federal Wide Assurance # FWA 00004969 (See NIH OHRP Website for the official source of expiration date as the date changes frequently.)
      • Enter either the number or the institutional name exactly as "U Michigan" in the search box to get the current info.

    International Traffic and Arms (ITAR) Registrations

    Uniform Guidance Single Audit

    Annual Reports

    Other Campus Resources

    Various Codes, Downloads, and Links


    There isn't a literal certificate per se. Anyone asking externally should also have access to SAM and can look us up (i.e. federal agencies or those doing business with federal agencies). Therefore, all the sponsor needs are the date of expiration plus a UEI, DUNS, and/or CAGE Code.

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