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American Heart Association Program and PhRMA

This page contains information for proposals to sponsors like the American Heart Association (AHA) and PhRMA. 

PhRMAImportant Considerations for Project Teams Submitting Proposals to these Sponsors

  • Complete proposal submissions for these sponsors online.
  • The project team or principal investigator (PI) must route a Proposal Approval Form (PAF) at the same time.
  • Project teams must link their application to the PAF and grant access to ORSP for us to approve/submit.  
  • ORSP must approve the finalized PAF before we can submit the online applications.  
  • Sponsors like AHA and PHarma need to know the U-M Grants Officer (GO) and Fiscal Officer (FO). These are both listed below.
  • * ORSP must approve the FINALIZED Proposal Approval Form (PAF) before we can submit the online application.
  • ORSP offices close at 5 p.m. EST,  regardless of sponsor deadline or time zone. See our Deadline Policy.
  • AHA applicants must be American Heart Association Professional Members. See details on Membership Application Fees.


Innovation Partnerships Contact: (new)
Kendra Walter

Grants Officer:
Patrick Woods
Managing Project Representative

Fiscal Officer:
Debbie Talley
Director of Sponsored Programs 


  • For questions on preparing your application, proposal or submission, please direct them to your department's Research Administrator
  • If you have any questions on the application process, please contact your ORSP Private Team Project Representative.