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Submit Content for The RAP/RAPid Newsletters

Do you have content to be considered for The Research Administration Post (RAP) or a more urgent RAPid (for "immediate dispatch")? Submit ideas as often as you have them. Each will be reviewed. Thank you!

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Article Ideas for The RAP/RAPid

How can I submit content for consideration?

For general news, events, or sponsor updates, please send to for consideration. Routine updates will be considered for placement in The RAP (now published monthly) or via a RAPid announcement.

Will you include our suggested content?

Not every news item is shared, but we will review it based on our audience's interests and information needs.

What is your deadline?

We prefer 2-4 weeks notice. Contact We can accomodate some urgent requests with The RAPid (Research Administration Post - Immediate Dispatch) to publish "just-in-time" information. 

Content and character limits? 

Content: About 50-70 words, 2-3 sentences, a recommended image, a link to learn more, and a contact for questions.

Please send to

Ideas could include:

U-M Business & News Updates

Sponsor & System Updates
Any news about any agencies, sponsors or sponsor policy changes, e.g., NSF releases PAPPG, NIH.

Networking and Connections
Any features about networking events, community, or staff members or teams you think deserve recognition. We also share details on Slack.

Success Stories/Tips & Tricks
News about a project team or best practice that someone would like to share

Events & Professional Development
e.g., RAN, SRA, AMA

Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities are handled by the U-M Office of Research and published in the Research Blueprint newsletter. If you know of a funding opportunity you would like to promote, please send to

References and Resources


For questions regarding The RAP or related research communications, please contact Constance Colthorp ( or 647-4587) with any questions.