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Submit Funding Opportunity or Article Ideas for The RAP and RAPid Newsletters

Do you have content to be considered for The Research Administration Post (RAP)? Submit ideas as often as you have them. Each will be reviewed. Thank you!

RAP Monthly Funding Opportunities

For our monthly Funding Newsletter, we are always happy to promote internal funding opportunities. We want your opportunity to have maximum engagement, so please follow these guidelines to be considered for inclusion. You can email or use the form below or the Medical School's Newsletter Article Submission Form. We publish at the beginning of the month, so please send the following at least one week before the calendar end-of-month:

  • A logo
  • About 300-500 characters of copy or bullets that clearly address:
    • research areas
    • eligibility
    • the amount offered
    • deadlines
    • A URL to link to so readers can get more details. (To respect our audience's settings, and to allow you to make updates to your RFP, we discourage and rarely use attachments. Please host a landing page for your detail. Please contact if we can help or advise in this area.) 

Ideally formatted example:

U-M Super Institute: A collaboration among U-M researchers seeks proposals that explore ______ outcomes.

  • Research Areas: Kryptonic efficacy.
  • Eligibility: Kinesiology early faculty and underrepresented scientific researchers encouraged.
  • Amount: Two one-year grants of $50,000.
  • Deadlines: Letters of Intent - on or before 5:00 p.m. January 30, 2020
  • Contact and Apply Link: and  http://____/rfa/

RAP and RAPid Article Submissions

How can I submit content for consideration?

For general news or events, not related to funding opportunities, please use the form below for consideration.  Routine updates will be placed in The RAP (now published four time a year) or via a RAPid announcement.

Will you include our suggested content?

Not every news item is shared, but we will review it based on our audience's interests and information needs.

What is your deadline?

We have a rolling deadline and we use The RAPid (Research Administration Post - Immediate Dispatch) to publish "just-in-time" information. While we do accommodate urgent requests, we do prefer 2-4 weeks notice for preparation.

Content and character limits? 

Please see our form below or use the Medical School's Newsletter Article Submission Form. If you have content that exceeds 250 words, please consider providing an abstract with a URL link to the complete version on your own website.

Sections of The RAP

The RAP will often feature the following sections.

Featured Article
Key news - e.g., Uniform Guidance, new U-M procedures

Sponsor Updates
Any news about any agencies, sponsors or sponsor policy changes, e.g., NSF releases new GPG

Staff Spotlight
Any features about any staff members or teams you think deserve recognition.

Success Stories
Any news about a project team that someone would like to share

Best Practices & Updates
Any procedural information or guidance, tips & tricks -- e.g., New IDC Rates, Tips & Tricks or how to handle Concurrence Receipts

Events & Professional Development
e.g., RAN, SRA, AMA

Funding Opportunities

Including Limited Submissions For funding opportunities that you think should be featured, provide Amount, Research Area, Deadline and Landing Page

References and Resources

The Research Administration Post (The RAP) and RAPid (immediate dispatch) Newsletters


For questions regarding The RAP or related research communications, please contact Constance Colthorp ( or 647-4587) with any questions.