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Working with NSF

Sponsor-specific resources related to working with the National Science Foundation (NSF)

Examples of U-M Sponsored Projects with NSF

NSF PAPPG and Award Terms and Conditions

NSF Proposal Checklist

Tips on Working with NSF

In working with NSF, use Research. gov. Fastlane, a predecessor to, has been phased out. Read more about the transition to

Use SciENcv

  • New users are able to register directly through Research.govExisting users in FastLane will be migrated to the new system through a simple, one-time operation when signing in to FastLane or

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is mandating the use of SciENcv for the preparation of Current and Pending (Other) Support (C&POS) information, effective for new proposals.

To get started, faculty researchers should:

  1. Login to Research. gov.
  2. Set up My Bibliography.
  3. Create an NSF Biosketch in SciENcv.
  4. Delegate access to research administrators.
  5. Work with your RA to identify projects (including outside consulting that involves the design, conduct, or reporting of research) and in-kind resources that need to be included in your C&POS.

This can take time. For more information on how to do this, please consult these resources.

Resources to Help with Using SciENcv for Biosketch and Current and Pending (Other) Support (C&POS)

What is SciENcv?

Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae (SciENcv) is an online system that researchers can use to create and maintain biosketches and your C&POS. You can share with others, and most importantly, the biosketch must be submitted with NIH and NSF grant applications and annual reports.

SciENcv pulls information from other systems, including MyNCBI, ORCID, and eRA Commons in order to ease administrative burden and allow researchers to quickly create and recreate a biosketch and C&POS for each grant application or annual report.

Create your NSF Biosketch and Current & Pending (Other) Support in SciENcv

Safe and Inclusive Work Environments

U-M Plan Template

ORSP has developed a Safe and Inclusive Work Environment Plan Template for such projects. Also see the Safe & Inclusive Working Environment web page.

NSF Public Access Plan 2.0

NSF Public Access Policy 2.0 - Ensuring Open, Immediate and Equitable Access to National Science Foundation Funded Research. Updated February 2023. 

NSF Public Access Plan 2.0