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Certified Research Administrators

aiM Higher Program

Participate in aiM Higher, a study session for U-M research administrators taking the CRA exam.

Certified Research Administration Contact Hours Resource Page

CRAs need to obtain 80 contact hours over the course of 5 years in order to recertify.

Please click on this link to find out how your professional development activities, including at the University of Michigan, convert into contact hours. Send comments or suggestions regarding this spreadsheet to

Please read the instructions for the RAAC re-certification. Note there is a fee and an application deadline for recertification, so plan accordingly.


"This was a great learning experience for me to have a comprehensive understanding of research administration on a fast track.  Thanks to many colleagues’ collegiality, the study materials were well in place (via webinars, group study, and the extremely helpful review sessions).  I take the CRA certification as a journey, not a destination.  It enables me to be a stronger professional for a higher aim."

"The aiM Higher study group was by far the most helpful tool that I had available to me in preparation for the CRA exam. In addition to the materials and review of the major categories that are included in the exam, this provides an opportunity to hear from colleagues who have taken the exam. The tips and insight from people that I know were invaluable. I look forward to the opportunity to pay this forward to future test-takers."

The Certified Research Administrator (CRA) credential means that you demonstrate a level of knowledge of all aspects of research administration. It is obtained by qualifying for and taking the CRA exam, which is administered by an independent certifying body, the Research Administrators Certification Council (RACC) CRA exam is rigorous, and it must be taken at a designated site and it is administered through Professional Testing Corporation. In a four-hour period, test-takers must answer 250 questions that cover the full spectrum of research administration. The curriculum covered by the exam is referred to as the "Body of Knowledge." The CRA credential means that you demonstrate a level of knowledge of all aspects of research administration.

Following is a list of CRAs at the University of Michigan.  

Current U-M Certified Research Administrators:

Last First Certified Thru
Alameddine Karen 06/30/2023
Althouse Stacey 12/31/2026
Anderson Andrea 6/30/2023
Bailey Trina 12/31/2023
Banka Dianna 06/30/2022
Baxendale Meenu 12/31/2023
Berg Brandi 12/31/2022
Bethke Ekaterina 12/31/2022
Bianchi Denise 12/31/2022
Black Karrie 12/31/2023
Blackmore Stephanie 12/31/2023
Brooks Amy 06/30/2022
Brouhard Betsy 12/31/2026
Burghardt Corinna 12/31/2023
Buss Kellie 06/30/2023
Carlson Rolfe 06/30/2022
Caviani Jodi 12/31/2023
Chadwick Linda 12/31/2023
Coffey Jane 12/31/2026
Conklin Kimberly 12/31/2024
Dahlgren Amelia  06/30/2024
Dekar Tawny 06/30/2024
DeMoss Rebecca 06/30/2022
Denny Melissa 12/31/2024
Dewasurendra Dhammika 06/30/2022
Dobski Christine 06/30/2027
Dougherty Reyes Brooke 12/31/2026
English Anita 06/30/2026
George Alicia 12/31/2026
Gibbons Samantha  06/30/2024
Goerlitz Donelle 12/31/2026
Guttman Dennis 12/31/2023
Harris John 06/30/2022
Helms Amalie 12/31/2024
Herrick Teresa 12/31/2026
Hug Mary  06/30/2024
Huntington Jennifer 06/30/2023
Kamdar Parina 12/31/2024
Karby Melissa  06/30/2024
Kelch Sue 12/31/2025 (emeritus)
Kraus Heather 06/30/2023
Kropelnyckyj Christine 06/30/2026
Lagua Patrick 12/31/2022
Lahtinen DeLynne 06/30/2023
Li Melissa 12/31/2022
Lingle Amy 06/30/2026
Linzmeier Jennifer 06/30/2026
Lock Julieanne 06/30/2027
Longe Jeffrey 06/30/2022
Lukyanchuk Marina 12/31/2023
Madias Heidi 12/31/2026
Mann Kimberly 12/31/2026
Martin Jennifer 06/30/2022
McPeake Jennifer  06/30/2024
Meinzer Elaine 12/31/2023
Mulder David 06/30/2023
Olivero Julie 06/30/2027
Paffhausen Fred 12/31/2027
Phlipot Alan 12/31/2023
Ponchart Huimin 06/30/2026
Poole Kristin 12/31/2026
Poszywak Dennis 06/30/2022 (emeritus)
Prieur Nicholas 12/31/2024
Rea Kristen 12/31/2023
Robb Janice 12/31/2022
Rondeau Monica 12/31/2026
Rooker Kimberly 12/31/2023
Rork Kristianne 12/31/2026
Ruff Eva 12/31/2026
Schon Melissa  06/30/2027
Severino Helen 06/30/2022
Smith Danielle 06/30/2024
Staley Zackary 12/31/2024
Stanfill Scott 12/31/2026
Taylor Anna 12/31/2023
Thomson Anne 12/31/2022
Trumbull Elissa 06/30/2027
Tucker John 12/31/2024
Turner Corey 06/30/2022
Vanraaphorst Kristin  06/30/2024
Wagner Susan  06/30/2024
Wallace Melissa 06/30/2024
Wang Liping 06/30/2023
Warrick Debra 06/30/2024
Weiland Corene 06/30/2022
Wilson June 12/31/2024
Wintergerst Richard 06/30/2023
Wood Katherine 06/30/2023
Zhao Bo 06/30/2026