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Research Administrators' Toolkit

The RA Toolkit is a collection of quick links resources to help navigate the university and support the complex business work of U-M research administrators. These pages are available throughout the website, organized by lifecycle. This page highlights some of the key resources under different headings.

Browse the sections below for resources under these subject areas:

  • Basic Resources
  • Communication and Community
  • Data and Reporting Resources
  • Find People
  • Forms/Checklists/Templates/Job Aids
  • Training
  • Rates & Frequently Required Institutional Information
  • Other U-M Research-Related Newsletters 
  • Travel 
  • Compliance & Policies
  • Additional Resources 

Managing the business aspects of research takes a team of experts. The process of finding funding, developing effective proposals, gathering approvals, managing an awarded project, and closing it out in a manner that meets the financial and compliance requirements of both the sponsor and the university, requires keen business acumen and expertise.

Research administrators help ensure business processes and compliance requirements are met, allowing faculty researchers to focus on the science and research.

References and Resources

Data and Reporting Resources

Communication & Community

Other U-M Research-Related Newsletters


If you have a link or resource you'd like to recommend for inclusion in the RA Toolkit, please contact Constance Colthorp ( Thanks!