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Standard Agreements and Templates for Download

In order to avoid processing delays caused by sharing previously-saved and outdated versions of U-M agreements, please remember to download and share only current versions of approved templates located on this page.


ORSP negotiates non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and other agreements for research activity involving U-M. These Unfunded Agreement (UFA) Types are routed through the UFA form in the eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM) system.


In an effort to reduce administrative steps associated with contract negotiations, ORSP provides U-M's standard agreements and templates on this page. Download and share these approved template agreements with potential research collaborators.

Quick Reference Guide to Working with Approved U-M Templates

  1. Download the Agreement(s) from below on this Standard Agreements and Templates page.
  2. Insert information in the spaces provided throughout the body of the template agreement.
  3. Send to Sponsor.
  4. Request Sponsor's authorized representative sign and return a scanned copy of the unmodified template agreement.
  5. Upload the Sponsor's signed copy to the UFA file and route through eRPM system.
  6. ORSP will return a fully-executed agreement to the Sponsor and upload the fully executed agreement to the UFA file.


Scroll down to the References and Resources section to find template agreements available to download. 

Download template agreements from the ORSP website (please don't save them and re-use, as they may change; we want you to have the latest version).
The project team may insert any additional information requested in brackets throughout the text of the agreement (e.g., Sponsor's name, description of the information to be disclosed, etc.).
Once completed, the project team may email the template to the Sponsor for signature.
Once the Sponsor's authorized representative has signed and returned the unmodified agreement, a scanned PDF must be uploaded to a new UFA file and routed to ORSP through eRPM.

External collaborators that opt to sign an unmodified copy of the university's template available will experience significantly expedited processing times. ORSP will be able to process the agreement for U-M signature and return a fully executed agreement without delay, since there will be no need to review terms and conditions or negotiate changes with the Sponsor.

While many research collaborators prefer to negotiate their own template agreements, some sponsors do not have template agreements and prefer to use the university's standard agreements. Sponsors may also be willing to sign a university agreement if there is an urgent need to finalize an agreement prior to a scheduled meeting. The university's template also includes language that ensures the Sponsor's confidential disclosures are protected under statutory safe harbor provisions to minimize risk of unintended disclosures compelled through Michigan Freedom of Information Act requests.

ORSP will continue to review and negotiate agreements provided by Sponsors. If a Sponsor wishes to use its own template, the project team must request an editable version of the draft agreement and upload it to the UFA. Once the UFA has routed to ORSP, the assigned project representative will review and send an revised version of the agreement to the Sponsor's representative, using the contact information provided by the project team.

Currently, ORSP is piloting the use of template agreements using non-disclosure agreements. However, ORSP is working with the Office of General Counsel to expand the number of sponsored research agreements that can be made available to Sponsors for review and signature, and will make them available on its website on an ongoing basis. In the meantime, project teams should continue to request ORSP to provide its standard terms and conditions to the Sponsor for review and negotiation.

Yes. Due to the fact that U-M research agreements are subject to revisions and updates, templates must be downloaded directly from the website prior to sharing. To avoid potential processing delays, ORSP strongly recommends that all research faculty and staff bookmark the Standard Agreements and Templates page and return frequently to download new agreements or look for updates.

References and Resources