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Biosketch Templates, Examples & Resources 

A biosketch is a streamlined version of your CV (curriculum vitae) requested by most funding agencies and institutions. NIH and NSF both use standard biosketch formats that are periodically updated. Foundation and industry sponsors may also have specific requirements when requesting your CV/Biosketches.

NOTE: The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has issued new requirements for Other Support reporting and Biographical Sketches (Biosketches).

Keep in mind the following when submitting your NIH proposal. These changes may require additional time on your part.

How to Comply with NIH Biosketch Requirements

See the Biosketch templates, examples, and resources to the right and the recommendations in the table below. For related updates, see the Other Support Reporting page.

NIH Biographical Sketch (Biosketch)


Follow the format and instructions outlined in NIH guidance.

Use of SciENcv to generate Biosketch.

Section A: Personal Statement

Brief description of why the investigator is well-suited for the role on the proposed project.

List ongoing and completed research projects from the past three years that the investigator wishes to highlight (previously in ‘Section D’).

Cite up to four (4) publications or research products that highlight the investigator’s experience and qualifications for the proposed projects.

Section B:  Positions, Scientific Appointments, and Honors

List in reverse chronological order all current positions and scientific appointments both domestic and foreign. Include:

  • All affiliations with entities or governments outside the United States
  • All titled academic, professional, or institutional appointments
    • whether or not remuneration is received
    • whether full-time, part-time, or voluntary (including adjunct, visiting, or honorary)
Section C: Contributions to Science

No updates or changes to instructions.

Section D:  Research Support

List ongoing and completed research projects from the past three years that the investigator wishes to highlight. 


Any active appointment must be included an investigator's Biosketch, including a VA appointment.


  • For further questions about the Other Support reporting process, please email
  • For questions regarding reporting Outside Interests in M-Inform, please contact for assistance from a U-M COI Office (OVPR COI, MEDCOI).