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Working with Subrecipients / Subrecipient Forms / Letter of Commitment

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This page is the home for our Subrecipient Statement of Collaborative Intent, known sometimes as the Letter of Commitment form or the Subrecipient Form.

Working with Subrecipients

A subrecipient may be either a formally-designated project in which the direct sponsor receives funds from a prime sponsor or an arrangement in which U-M provides funds for performing part of a project to another organization.

Other "Sub" Terms

  • A subrecipient (or subawardee) is arranged for with a subcontract (sometimes called SubK).
  • A subcontract provides for funds to perform part of a project as a collaborator or co-Principal Investigator.

Are you working with a Subrecipient or a Contractor? Be sure you know the difference

At U-M, knowing the difference impacts indirect costs and as well as whether your project is handled by the Office of Contract Administration or Procurement. To be sure, vist our Subawards, Hybrid Agreements, and Purchase Orders page

Also see the FDP Checklist to Determine Subrecipient or Contractor Involvement -- a useful resource from Federal Demonstration Partnership to help determine Subrecipient versus Contractor involvement.

Subrecipient Forms

Letter of Commitment / Subrecipient Statement of Collaborative Intent

A completed Subrecipient Form is required when requesting a subcontract if the sponsor of the PAF/parent project follows the PHS financial conflict of interest (FCOI) regulation. Use the template below to collect the information from the subrecipient institution that U-M needs to establish the subcontract, including their COI Policy Certification option.  

Please note, the University of Michigan participates in the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) Clearinghouse where you can look up subrecipient information. For U-M information, ask institutions to check that first.

  Subrecipient Statement of Collaborative Intent/Letter of Commitment.

If the project sponsor follows the PHS FCOI regulation and the subrecipient institution elected that U-M review for potential FCOI in the Letter of Commitment, each subrecipient investigator must disclose outside interests to U-M prior to subcontract activation. Use the "Non-U-M Affiliate Disclosure Form" below to obtain completed disclosures.

All subrecipients, as well as potential subcontractors who anticipate funding under a federal or non-federal contract, should complete this form when participating as a subrecipient or subcontractor in a proposal submitted by U-M. This form provides a checklist of documents and certifications required by prime sponsors, and if it is completed, it must be endorsed by the subrecipient’s authorized institutional representative prior to proposal submission.

  Financial Interests Disclosure Form for Investigators Not Affiliated with U-M [fillable .doc]

 Attachment 3B

Note on Cost/Price Analysis for Federal Contracts

If the project is funded under a federal contract, then additional Cost/Price Analysis information is needed.

References and Resources

Subrecipient Forms

Rates & Frequently Used Institutional Information


For questions contact the Office of Contract Administration ( under Finance - Sponsored Programs or your ORSP project representative