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Working with a Private Team Sponsor (Industry or Non-Profit / Foundation)

Negotiations regarding the technical statement of work and associated budget should be carried out by the faculty member in coordination with the originating unit, subject to general policies and procedures of the University. However, the agreement formats offered by sponsors may contain provisions that are inconsistent with the policies of the University or those of the State of Michigan. Therefore, it is essential that each agreement be reviewed by ORSP prior to acceptance or initiation of work thereunder.


In addition to contacts made directly by University faculty and units, Innovation Partnerships - Alliances serves as the U-M first step for industry and corporate engagement. Through this office, U-M can coordinate efforts and strive to keep industry informed of University research and many other university activities that may be of interest.

Non-Profit and Foundations

ORSP is responsible for processing sponsored research agreements with private foundations, public charities, and other nonprofit organizations. With some sponsors, Foundation Relations serves as the U-M "front door" for non-profit engagement.

Certain foundations at the University of Michigan are managed at a strategic level and are managed foundations . If you are planning to seek support from any of these, you must contact U-M Foundation Relations first. This may be because the foundations:

  • have asked U-M to submit only one proposal a year or a cycle;
  • are run by family members that are engaged with University of Michigan through Foundation Relations; or
  • there is a requirement that the university president must sign a cover letter or an endorse the proposal.

Contact Maureen Martin, Executive Director of Foundation Relations, at 647-6074 or

Gifts and Grants

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First contact your department's primary research administrator, and then contact a U-M office that can facilitate, such as:

  • Foundation Relations:  Foundation Relations serves as the U-M “front door” for non-profit engagement. Contact Maureen Martin, Executive Director of Foundation Relations, at 647-6074 or
  • Business Engagement Center: ORSP often works closely with the Business Engagement Center (BEC) to facilitate ORSP/Industry funding. 
  • U-M Innovation Partnerships: U-M Innovation Partnerships manages matters relating to existing U-M intellectual property and technology.