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No Cost Extensions (NCE)

A No-Cost Extension (NCE) provides an extension beyond the expiration end date of the award. Sometimes these are needed to allow the principal investigator (PI) to finalize a project. The sponsor grants additional time to meet the milestones, but provides no additional funding.

All requests for no cost extensions must include the endorsement of both the Sponsor Principal Investigator and the Department or another administering unit before ORSP processing. You can initiate that process by using the Award Change Request process 

This includes time extension requests that can be reviewed and approved within the institution (e.g., for projects covered by the provisions of the Federal Research Terms and Conditions) as well as those which must be forwarded to the sponsoring agency for approval.

For projects sponsored by National Science Foundation (NSF) be sure to consult NSF's instructions on Preparing a No-Cost Extension (NCE) Request.

The basis for this policy is that within the University, the Sponsor Principal Investigator and the administering unit together are held responsible for the financial and administrative aspects of the project. Such issues as continuing effort levels and space commitments necessarily are within the purview of the administering unit.

Because sponsor policies vary widely in the types of information required to support such requests, contact the appropriate ORSP Project Representative when the need for additional time is confirmed.