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Roles & Responsibilities

This page contains the essential information on "Who Does What" in each phase of the research project lifecycle, in a collection of "Roles and Responsibilities" documents. Thanks to the RAAC Process subcommittee for their work with this.

"Who Does What" in the U-M Research Project Lifecycle?

The Research Administration Advisory Council (RAAC) Process Subcommittee has defined the following Roles and Responsibilities documents according to the research project lifecycle.The Roles and Responsibilities documents serve to identify "who does what" during each phase of the research project lifecycle.

    Roles and Responsibilities (Full Document)

    Develop Proposal

    Route & Submit

    Set Up Project

    Manage Project

    Close-Out Project

     Research Ethics & Compliance

    The resources and documents listed here help define the roles and responsibilities of:

    • the Principal Investigator (PI)
    • the unit administrator (or research administrator or RA)
    • the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP)
    • the Finance - Sponsored Programs office
    • and Other groups involved in the identification, assembly, and submission of proposals; and the acceptance, management, and closeout of awards related to sponsored projects.

    RASCI Defined

    • R - Responsible for the correct and thorough completion of the work to achieve the task
    • A - Accountable for the correct and thorough completion of the task, typically delegating the work to those 
    • S - Support for those who are responsible or accountable
    • C - Consulted as needed in order to complete the task (two-way communication)
    • I - Informed that task is underway/completed (one-way communication)

    Each of these PDFs also appears on the correlating lifecycle landing page on the ORSP website.

    Visual of where the Roles & Responsibilities links appear on each page