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Project Award Notice (PAN)

Project Award Notice (PAN) is prepared and distributed by ORSP via eResearch to the Principal Investigator and all signers off on a PAF serves to establish the project/grant number (PGN) for the project.

The Project Award Notice is sent to everyone who has signed the Project Approval Form (PAF). The more detailed award documentation materials are included only with the PAN that is sent to the Project Director/Principal Investigator (PI).

Special terms and conditions of the award are identified, including cost-sharing commitments, and key personnel responsible for assisting in the administration of the project are listed on the PAN. Subsequent changes in terms and conditions, additional funding, time extensions, and other modifications will be identified by a Project Award Change (PAC) form, distributed by ORSP.

Funds Distribution

The Finance-Sponsored Programs billing area handles the invoicing and collection that is required for various projects. The Funds Request area handles any special billings and the reconciliation of the various federal letters of credit that are used to fund projects.

Should the PI want to modify the budget distribution, the proposed changes may be made on a Budget Reallocation Form (formerly the 7471), which should then be routed through the normal approval process.