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    Screenshot of University of Michigan Proposal Approval Form-Restricted (PAF-R) form

    A PAF-R (Proposal Approval Form-Restricted) is a supplementary Proposal Approval form for review of restrictions on publication or dissemination of research results.  The most common reasons to process a PAF-R is when the sponsor requires prior approval before publication or a delay in publication in excess of 180 days.

    This addition to the PAF must be approved by the Vice President for Research when sponsors ask for non-standard restrictions on Openness in Research.

    PAF-Rs are prepared by the PI and processed in eRPM to ORSP. A Department Chair and Dean must approve the PAF-R and include a letter of justification in support of the PAF-R when routing to ORSP.

    ORSP project representatives will provide input and advice in the preparation of a PAF-R and will also provide a written description of the publication restriction and the negotiation efforts to remove it. Final approval of a PAF-R rests with the Vice President for Research.