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Set Up Project

Many of the tasks in Set Up Project come just after you Route & Submit your proposal but the project is awarded. Therefore you could think of some aspects of the Set Up Project phase as a Pre-Award / Post-Submission min-phase.  This section describes what you can expect upon receiving your award and how to Set Up your project.

Pre-Award / Post-Submission

After Routing and Submitting Your Proposal, there is waiting time often referred to as the Pre-Award/Post-Submission period. Before your Project Award Notice (PAN) is issued and you set up your project, the following things may need to be addressed.

  • PEERRS Training -  Program for Education and Evaluation in Responsible Research and Scholarship training courses are required per university, state, and federal regulations regarding responsible conduct of research (RCR). PEERRS certification may be required for participation on a study or project team, depending on your role (e.g., Principal Investigator), the funding source (e.g., NIH), and/or the type of research (e.g., human subjects).
  • Request a Hardship - Prior to having an award in hand, you may need a project grant number (P/G N) set up in advance to spend funds. If approved, the hardship process permits work to begin and costs to be properly allocated in situations.

Review the Award: Project Award Notice (PAN) Terms & Conditions

Project Award Notice (PAN) is prepared and distributed by ORSP via eResearch to the Principal Investigator and all signers off on a Project Approval Form (PAF). serves to establish the project/grant number (PGN) for the project. (Changes to Terms & Conditions appear in a Project Award Change (PAC) distributed by ORSP). PAC changes could reflect any additional funding, time extensions, and other modifications.

The Project Award Notice is sent to everyone who has signed the PAF The more detailed award documentation materials are included only with the PAN that is sent to the sponsor Project Director and the faculty Principal Investigator. 

Project Award Changes in Terms & Conditions

Changes to Terms & Conditions appear in a Project Award Change (PAC) distributed by ORSP via eResearch Proposal Management System (eRPM). This could include additional funding, time extensions, and other modifications.

Special terms and conditions of the award are identified in the PAN. To aid you in this process we provide a list of definitions of PAN Standard Terms. These often include:

  • cost-sharing commitments
  • key personnel responsible for assisting in the administration of the project.

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