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Sponsor-Specific Resources

Sponsored research funding comes from Government and Private (non-profit and industry) sources. While there are hundreds of different sponsors, there are a few in which the activity merits highlighting for our research community. 

Government Sponsors

Select Government Sponsor Resource Pages

 Important information on Working with Government Sponsors

Department of Commerce logoDepartment of Commerce 

Commerce One-Sheet - Our FY2016 research numbers and Commerce-sponsored research-at-a-glance

Department of Defense logoDepartment of Defense (DoD)
(Recent news, Policies, and Resources for DoD Projects or Army Research Office (AOR) or Office of Naval Office Research (ONR)

DoD One-Sheet - Our FY2016 research numbers and Defense-sponsored research-at-a-glance

Department of Education logoDepartment of Education

Department of Energy logoDepartment of Energy

Energy One-Sheet - Our FY2016 research numbers and Energy-sponsored research-at-a-glance

National Institutes of Health logoNational Institutes of Health (NIH)
(Recent news, Policies, eRA Commons, and other NIH Resources)

NIH One-Sheet - Our FY2016 research numbers and NIH-sponsored research-at-a-glance

National Science Foundation logoNational Science Foundation (NSF)
(Recent news, NSF Application Guide (GPG), Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG), FastLane and other Information)

NSF One-Sheet - Our FY2016 research numbers and NSF-sponsored research-at-a-glance


NASA One-Sheet - Our FY2016 research numbers and NASA-sponsored research-at-a-glance

Department of Transportation logoDepartment of Transportation

DoT One-Sheet - Our FY2016 research numbers and Transportation-sponsored research-at-a-glance

Veterans Affairs logoVeterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs One-Sheet - Our FY2016 research numbers and Veterans Affairs-sponsored research-at-a-glance

Private Sponsors

Select Private Sponsor Resource Pages

Certain foundations at the University of Michigan are managed at a strategic level. These are managed foundations. If you are planning to seek support from any of the managed foundations you must contact U-M Foundation Relations first.

 Other important Information on Working with Private (Industry, Foundation and Non-Profit) Sponsors.

American Heart Association (AHA) logoAmerican Heart Association (AHA) Programs

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) logoPatient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)


A sampling of U-M projects and outcomes funded by Federal research dollars.