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What does ORSP Support?

ORSP supports sponsored projects and helps negotiate contracts and agreements.

We often describe contracts and agreements as "unfunded agreements" because there is usually no money attached. A contract or an agreement involves a promise, or set of promises, for which the performance of is recognized as a legal obligation. Each contract document contains a statement of work or a description of the services to be provided. This work statement should be drafted with great care, for failure by the University or contractor to deliver the results anticipated, or to perform what is defined in the statement of work, is a breach of contract.

References and Resources

ORSP Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


When in doubt, first contact your primary research administrator, and then contact a U-M office that can facilitate, such as:

Foundation Relations: With some nonprofit sponsors, Foundation Relations serves as the U-M “front door” for non-profit engagement.

Corporate Research Alliances: ORSP often works closely with Corporate Research Alliances to facilitate Industry funding, and to mange the relationships with industry representatives.

Innovation Partnerships: U-M Innovation Partnerships manages matters relating to existing U-M intellectual property and technology.

ORSP: Common origins of ORSP project involvement include:

  • PI discussions with a Sponsor
  • Response to a Sponsor RFP
  • BEC or Foundation Relations discussions with a Sponsor

In summary, for questions on:
Administrative compliance: Please direct questions to the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) at (734) 764-5500 or

Data Sharing or DUAs: Please contact your Project Representative.