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Other Support or Current & Pending Templates and Resources

  • General Guidance / Overview

    Many federal agencies have some variation of a requirement to report other sources of support during the proposal submission, award negotiation, and/or in the progress report. This requirement is typically in place to assure the funding agency that (1) it is not providing overlapping funds for work that is supported by another source, (2) that all resources available in support of the individual’s research is being reported regardless of whether it is received directly by the individual or through the institution, and (3) the participating personnel have sufficient time available to conduct the work that the agency will be funding.

    Any activity conducted within the scope of an Investigator’s appointment that provides funding or requires a commitment of time must be reported. Commitments are regular obligations of time whether the Investigator receives salary support from the funding agency or not.

    The Office of Research and Sponsored Projects would like to provide investigators with guidance on appropriately reporting other sources of support to Sponsors. Below you can find agency specific guidance for Sponsors we frequently work with.

    Researchers who receive any federal funding are reminded that the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects’ standard operating policy SOP 200.03 implemented in October 2016 requires:

    “every disclosure to an external funding agency of a faculty member’s active and pending sources of support for research and other sponsored activities be true, complete and accurate to the best of the faculty member's knowledge. This requirement applies regardless of the source of support, [or] the official recipient of the source of support…  False, fictitious, or fraudulent statements or claims (including intentional omissions) in violation of this policy may result in criminal, civil, administrative or University penalties.”[AA1] 

     [AA1]Pulled this paragraph from our original page as it is not agency specific. I’d suggest removing it from the NIH specific section.