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Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP)

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    The Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) is a cooperative, non-profit association of federal research agencies, universities and the National Academy of Science's Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable aimed at reducing administrative burden on Principal Investigator and works to streamline the administration of federally sponsored research and to improve the federal/university research support relationship.


    The FDP was established to increase research productivity by streamlining the administrative process and minimizing the administrative burden on principal investigators while maintaining effective stewardship of federal funds. The National Science Foundation (NSF) serves as the official web host of participating agency documents relating to the FDP.

    Sometimes Federal-Wide Terms and Conditions (ORSP site) are referred to as FDP because they were first established by the FDP. Now, the latest version of the Federal-Wide Terms and Conditions are available and hosted by the National Science Foundation (NSF), but they impact all federal agencies.

    In addition to the basic provisions, each member federal agency has a supplemental set of agency-specific terms and conditions. A typical grant is actually covered by both the federal-wide Research Terms and Conditions (RTC) and the agency-specific terms and conditions. 

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