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Outside Interest Disclosure

  • A report of an individual's "outside interests" (i.e., personal, professional, commercial, and/or financial activities, interests, or relationships) with an entity/organization external to the University of Michigan.  Outside interest disclosures are to be made at least annually per U-M, State of Michigan, and federal research policies.  At U-M, outside interests are reported using the M-Inform system.

    • 3 Key Steps to Disclose in M-Inform Describes and illustrates the top three actions disclosers need to do within M-Inform to successfully submit their outside activity disclosures. (PDF) Last updated: 06/15/2021
    • M-Inform Disclosure Questions (Sample) [PDF] Sample of the M-Inform disclosure form as of 07/01/2023, displaying all the pages, questions and conditional sub-questions one may see when reporting a new outside activity.  Use this resource to become oriented to M-Inform.  DO NOT use to submit disclosure information.  Last updated 06/16/2023. 
    • Maintaining Department Information in M-Inform Instructions to assign M-Inform roles (e.g., unit reviewers of outside activities disclosures for the unit, division, department, or an individual) and send M-Inform reminder emails to disclose to individuals. (ITS) Last Updated: 06/29/20.
    • Non-UM Affiliate Financial Interests Disclosure Form
    • Outside Activity Disclosure Guidance Lists the types of activities, relationships, and interests that investigators at the University of Michigan should and should not disclose as an outside interest in M-Inform.  Last Updated: 06/19/2023
    • Prepare/Update a Disclosure for Another in M-Inform M-Inform instructions for proxies (i.e., unit assistants) to data enter outside activity disclosures for another U-M discloser. (ITS) Last updated: 06/13/23.
    • Review an Outside Interest Disclosure in M-Inform M-Inform instructions to review outside activity disclosures on behalf of the discloser's U-M unit, division, or department.  (ITS) Last Updated: 04/12/23.
    • Reviewer Demonstration Video demonstration with audio of the Unit Reviewer Action Center in M-Inform, including the Reviewer workspace, tabs, and functions (e.g., approve/return a disclosure, send reminder emails) (5:02).  Last updated: 06/25/2020.
    • Start-Up Tipsheet for U-M Employees Approval and disclosure tips for U-M employees thinking of starting or joining a start-up company.  (PDF) Last updated 04/10/2023
    • Submit an Outside Interest Disclosure in M-Inform Instructions to add a new oustide activity disclosure to M-Inform, edit previous disclosures, remove outside activity disclosures, and restore previously inactive outside activity disclosures.  (ITS) Last Updated:  06/22/23.
    • Submit Information for a Research Initiated Certification Instructions for a discloser to answer a series of follow-up questions regarding an outside interest disclosure from a COI Office using M-Inform.