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    The written description of a project that is presented to a sponsor. A federal proposal includes cost estimates, subject to the provisions of federal cost accounting standards.

    All proposals that will result in funding for sponsored projects if accepted, require review and coordination through ORSP, utilizing a Proposal Approval Form (PAF) in eRPM and other administrative details, in addition to a statement of work.

    Formal proposals are prepared and submitted to a potential sponsor and outline the scope of activities to be undertaken in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) or other requests from a potential sponsor (e.g. RFQ). Informal discussion may also result in the submission of a written proposal to be evaluated by the external organization before a commitment is made to provide funds to support the program or project envisioned.
    Unsolicited proposal may be submitted to a potential source of external funds, which then would be reviewed and acted upon much in the same manner as a formal proposal.

    Gift solicitation may describe a general area or program to be supported by the requested funds, but do not take the form of a proposal (that is, gift solicitations do not include a description of the scope of activities or a statement of work to be undertaken). If directed toward a sponsored project, a gift solicitation is considered a proposal.