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NIH Resources on Budgeting / Costs for Data Management & Sharing Policy

February 17, 2023

NIH Scientific Data SharingNIH has added new FAQs and resources on budgeting and costs for the 2023 Data Management & Sharing (DMS) Policy. See NIH's FAQs in Section F. Budgets/Costs for updated information. Use this information to plan research budgets for the new DMS policy activities. 
[8/8/2023 - NIH announced part of the DMS cost resourcing will change on 10/5/2023]dollar sign on paper screen

ORSP's website will maintain links to NIH's FAQs on these pages:

In most cases, the DMS Plan oversight at U-M will be provided by the principal investigator (PI) and other study personnel. If help is needed, consider these resources:

DMSP Template and Samples