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Cost Sharing: If you must, here are important things to know 

December 7, 2023



           Melissa Karby

In this webinar, presenters Heather Offhaus and Melissa Karby cover the definition and impacts of cost sharing at U-M, how to track and monitor cost sharing in U-M systems, and information about where you might find funds. 

Non-Financial Federal Sponsor Reporting and eRPM Manage Deliverables 

November 1, 2023



 Amy Brooks Amanda Reel

In this webinar, presenters Amy Brooks and Amanda Reel provide an overview of non-financial federal sponsor reporting requirements, the importance of compliance, and ways the research administrator (RA) can assist the principal investigator (PI) in fulfilling reporting obligations to the sponsor. The discussion will also focus on NSF and NIH project reports and the eRPM Manage Deliverables activity for federal final reports.

Working with ORSP to Process Data Use Agreements (DUAs)

October 19, 2023

         Michele Quick 

In this webinar, presenters Michele Quick and Gabrielle Hammoud from the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) discuss how Research Administrators and the ORSP Data Use Agreement (DUA) Team can collaborate in using the Unfunded Agreement (UFA) process in eRPM to complete agreement documents in a timely manner.

NSF Safe and Inclusive Working Environment Plans

August 9, 2023

         Becky O'Brien Pat Turnbull

In this webinar, presenters Becky O’Brien and Pat Turnbull provide an overview of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Safe and Inclusive Working Environment (SIWE) Policy and its implementation at U-M. Current expectations and some suggestions for managing the new policy requirement at the unit level will be shared, along with helpful resources.

New NIH Data Management & Sharing Policy

November 1, 2022


In this webinar, Sara Samuel, Informationist, Taubman Health Sciences Library, and Diane Wilson, Assistant Director at the Office of Regulatory Affairs, present an overview of the new NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy, which goes into effect on January 25, 2023. U-M resources for writing a data management and sharing plan are shared, along with some Frequently Asked Questions.

Procurement Policies and Procedures

July 14, 2022


In this webinar, Jim Kozich presents an overview of U-M procurement policies and procedures, with a closer look at information helpful to research administrators and others involved in sponsored project management.

  • The Sole Source Justification form referenced in this webinar was updated in January 2024. Locate the new form and instructions at Completing the Sole Source Justification Form.
  • Effective March 12, 2024, the competitive bid limit is raised to $50,000 from $10,000.

Other Support & International Engagements

March 24, 2022

           David Mulder     April Pepperdine

In this webinar, David Mulder and April Pepperdine share the most pertinent information needed to comply with the latest sponsor requirements, including those related to international engagements. While emphasis is given to the NIH’s new requirements for Biosketches and Other Support, some information is shared about NIH Foreign Components and the latest requirements from other Federal sponsors.

For questions or sponsor documentation:

For M-Inform Discosures -

Sponsor Billing and Collections

August 12, 2021

Christie Tomaszewski Presenter     James Craven Presenter     Stacy Orban Presenter

In this webinar, Christie Tomaszewski and James Craven from Finance - Sponsored Programs, and Stacy Orban from Shared Services Center - Accounts Receivable, share information about sponsor billing and collection processes, including:

  • Central office roles and responsibilities
  • Unit responsibilities and procedures
  • Invoice types
  • Helpful U-M systems and reports for monitoring receivables

Subrecipient Invoice Approvals in M-Pathways

October 29, 2020



           Chris Devries

In this webinar, Chris Devries, Project Manager for the Research Administration Advisory Council (RAAC), reviews the new electronic workflow and approvals of subrecipient invoices in the M-Pathways Financials system.

Sign PAF Requirement & Other Support Review

September 1, 2020

           David Mulder     April Pepperdine

David Mulder (ORSP Program Manager for International Engagement & Research Security) and April Pepperdine (Director of UMOR Conflict of Interest) provided an overview of changes being implemented on September 14, 2020, that require all U-M investigators to complete a revised version of the "Sign PAF" activity, and a new ancillary review process for the evaluation of sponsor-required documentation such as NIH's "Other Support."



NSF Biosketch and SciENcv

July 20, 2020

        Joanna Thielen

Joanna Thielen (Biomedical Engineering Librarian
Art, Architecture & Engineering Library) introduced the NSF biosketch, demonstrated how to create a SciENcv account, and created an NSF biosketch in this tool. Tips for preparing an NSF biosketch is included. The National Science Foundation (NSF) requires that biosketches for grant proposals be prepared using the SciENcv tool.

Disclaimer: This webinar was offered in July 2020, and some content may be outdated. For current NSF information, visit the website.

NIH Biosketch and SciENcv

May 7, 2020



Disclaimer: This webinar was offered in May 2020. Beginning on May 25, 2021, the NIH is using an updated version of the biosketch format. As a result, some of this webinar content may be outdated. Please refer to the NIH's Grants & Funding page ( for the most updated information and format.

            Marci Brandenburg

Marci Brandenburg (Bioinformationist, Taubman Health Sciences Library) introduced the NIH biosketch and how to navigate the SciENcv tool for generating biosketches. Tips for preparing an NIH biosketch will be included. The National Institute of Health (NIH) is one of several granting agencies that require key personnel to include a biosketch as part of a grant proposal.

Single IRB-of-Record - What RAs Should Know

Note: The IRBs are initiating a new process to request a single-IRB-of-Record (sIRB) on Monday, February 8, 2021. This new process replaces the processes that were covered in a webinar from September 2020, which has been removed from this page. For current process information, please visit the sIRB webpage.