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Research Administrators' Network (RAN) Meetings

RAN Webcast Playlist on YouTube

We also have videos listed below, or you can view the meeting via our RAN Playlist on YouTube.

Access RAN Materials After Meeting

If you would like to review RAN slides after the meeting, scroll down and you will find the Meeting Packet and videos below the gold line and the References and Resources heading.

Research Administrators' Network (RAN) meetings are held three times a year -- typically in September or October, February, and May. RAN meetings are meant to provide continuing education on U-M research administration topics, along with a chance to hear from unit administrators and leaders in central administration. Since May of 2020, our meetings have been entirely virtual. Please join us!

Upcoming 2024 RAN Meetings

Date: Wednesday, September 25, 2024
Time: TBD

Past Meetings

Scroll down below the gold line to find links to all recent and past RAN videos and meeting packets.



The slides for RAN can be found on the RAN web page:  (If you are on this page, just scroll down, past the gold line that reads References & Resources.)
We also send out a links after in our RAP/RAPid newsletters. We'll include links to the  link as well as the recorded webcast/video.

The Research Administration Advisory Council (RAAC) was founded in May 2012, with the the primary intention of organizing and energizing the research community around the concept of optimizing the pre- and post-award processes at the University of Michigan.

RAN refers to our Research Administrators' Network (RAN) meetings -- networking meetings which are held three times a year and are planned and executed by the RAAC Communications Subcommittee.

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